Monday, December 31, 2007

The year that was ... :-)

I wondered and wondered this morning what my last blog for the year would be about. And now as I walked back home from a last minute errand for mom (did I not mention? I'm home! In Mumbai :) I shall hit my darling Chennai for about 3 hours over dinner on Wed and head back to Singapore to my normal yet wonderful life) it hit me...

After a stable low amplitude life for the last 25 years, this has been one year that came with what I swear was the highest amplitude sinusoidal waves I've ever encountered.... So much has happened and so much of that has been written about and it felt just right to end the year with a recap of my favorite events, stories and thoughts on this blog ... so here goes ...


My favorite posts at the outset:
- The importance of conversation
- Things this world should never be without
- People I admire
- wondering if it's too late to live life
- How bosses are so similar to moms
- Things I wonder about
- The very relevant and omnipresent topic of the pressure on marriage

And amongst others....
Started 2007 with telling myself this is what my vision of happiness should be ... good to start with a vision no? :D

Passing on newfound wisdom on making priority calls to be able to enjoy life and do justice to relationships and oneself... inspired by a senior person in my company ...

Enrolling for my first new activity in the year ... the long delayed singing lessons ...

Understanding why they come and then leave ... borrowed wisdom this ...

Discovering the magic that is kids ... (not my own!), reaching 100 and 200 posts respectively, painting

Discovering blessings such as good bosses and wonderful cities to live in, a wonderful mom

Rants on what I judge, why I blog, questions that plague me, quirks im not too proud of and more questions that plague me!

A brilliant year end vacation to New York ... right from the airport welcome to the famed treasure hunt
They say whatever you're doing at the stroke of midnight lasts through the year, so I hope all of you wonderful people can keep a smile on your faces, hope in your hearts and a prayer on your lips for an incredible 2008 :-)

I love you all and wish you the very best in the year to come ... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :DDDD


Mogambo said...

I will have thanni on my lips and mabbu everywhere else. A wonderful year it shall be.
A happy good year to you from sooberman and self!
Talkings soon. Put a yesyemyes to my fone. PM is out, painting the town pink. A hot girly shade of pink.

unpredictable said...

Mbo and spman: I love you guys! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! You're the best thing to have happened to me, so much that I wish the 2 of you combined was a single entity named a single man :D

happy new yr!!!

Deepa said...

Happy New year..
This one blog was like the bestest link collection of the wonderful posts...:)Enjoyed ur blog.. :)

unpredictable said...

Hey Deepa, Thanks a ton! :) Those are kind words ... have a great new year! :D

Robert said...

Here is an idea for your next post. Ask your readers which among your posts they consider the best and why.

I will go with the one on conversations.

nutty said...


Puppy Manohar said...


Penguin said...

When are you the coming back ya? When my love, when?
If I haven't seen you at the stroke of midnight on the 1st, that means our relationship won't last through the year-aa? How ya how!!! CANNOT!
PS - As you can see, I'm back in office and being totally random :-)

Mogambo said...

eh go ya, shy is came on your comment.
Sooberman is on his way to the land of the foot massage and fake Rolex. I is lonely. What you doin?? *suggestive look*
Faaastly put off one tring tring. I will be vetti officer wonlee.

Anonymous said...
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@ said...

yours is the best blog I have read so far - it engages me the most!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the yummy food!!!!

Monsieur K said...

HNY gal! :)
its a pleasure reading your blog. and thts certainly a nice way of enlisting stuff tht u wrote here.
hope tht 2008 is even better than 2007 for u :)

p.s. it was nice to bump into u the other day in mumbai :D

unpredictable said...

Robert: Thats my fav too .. tho i think putting up a poll for fav posts will take me deep into the land of narcissism, im only at the periphery right now :) So ill desist :) Thanks for visiting!

Nutty: :) Im J of ur drunken fun on new yrs eve ... :) Have a good year ..

PM: Say something new now. I'm bored of nonsense.

Penguin: Muah! So good to see you :)

Mogambo: I did, didn't I? :) Tomm we'll talk more ..

Archie: Sweetie, as overrated as u make my blog sound, i love you for the sincerity with which u gush about it :) It was an absolute pleasure cooking for you .. don't mention :)

Ketan: :) It's strange how i always bump into a senior when im there... :) I KNOW 2008 will be better, coz I'll make that happen :) I hope the same for you too :)

Nutan said...

hey!! why no posts for so long?....

unpredictable said...

Nuts: :) If they're not here .. u know where to look.. don't ya?