Sunday, November 04, 2007

New York New York!!!

So I land at JFK this morning after a 17 hour flight journey - without inflight entertainment might I add. Apparently the "problem was beyond the control of the air crew and would need ground staff help to fix" but we were thanked profusely for our kind understanding (we didn't bother clarifying it was more like simmering anger, so they went on to assume it was OK to let us sit and ROT for 17 hours with not much to do but sleep and eat).

If it wasn't for how sweet and couteous the TG staff is, I'd be sending them hate mail right now. But having grown to enjoy my own company as much as I do, and with Jen Cox's 'Around the world in 80 dates', 17 hours practically breezed past and we finally landed at JFK.

Here's what makes a trip mostest special. Someone who lovingly comes to the airport to pick you up, although they know you could manage just fine on your own. I tried insisting to Mogambo and Superman that I'd be just fine, and could they pls not wake up insanely early in the morning to pick me up? But turn up they did, with their friend Mr PuppyManohar who brought his new car to pick up (and show off to?) the new girl :P
I do believe, however, that Mogambo had some dark intentions which involved embarrassing the crap out of me, that were her key motivation to turning up at the airport. Look here, who does this to a friend huh?

Superman putting shawl on me as part of official welcome ceremony. It doesn't stop here, Mogambo proceeds to put a 'haar' (neck adornment traditionally used to signify a warm welcome, usually for shady politicians in India as they inaugrate functions and step off flights) around my neck cause you see, the shawl just doesn't count as embarrassment enough!

Pls to see purple color beaded thingie around my neck. The pic doesn't capture the amused expressions of passengers in the vicinity, just as well for me I think! Enough for a day!

On a serious note, I feel so welcome and wonderful despite this being my 1st ever visit to the USA, all thanks to this lovely couple and Mr Puppy Manohar who insists I brought the cold along (its been windy and super cold since this morning suddenly!). Am so so glad I know them, and super kicked to start off on my NY adventures for the day :)

Thanks for your comments so far. Penguin and V thanks for ur concerned msgs :-) I'll keep writing and uploading pics, and any bloggers in the Jersey area who'd like to meet up, do drop me a mail on the blogger mail id and we'll work out something if possible in the 10 days that i'm here :-)

We're off to lunch and then pub crawling on a New York treasure hunt, then dinner and drinks with this gang + Mr MS from my engineering batch, pretty much the only one ive been in touch with ... Looking forward to a chilly yet eventful evening here in NY with lots of dance, daaroo and dhamaal :D

Until the next post ... cheers!


~nm said... must have been embarassingly funny! :)

But I'm sure you thank god for having such friends! :)

Have a great time!

Penguin said...

Ayyo! Mogambo is sooooo cool ya! I'm bloody jealous right now. Che, if I'd come, I would have also got shawl. Sulk :-(
Have fun on the Treasure Hunt!!! MUAH!

shobha said...

LOL :) Have fun, you!

LUCKY said...


unpredictable said...

NM: Yeah it was both! Embarrassing and very touching :) Thanks so much! :D

Penguin: Mwah mwah right back to ya! Missing u so very much Mogambo and I are! :( Treasure hunt was brilliant fun .. pics will be put up tonight :D

Shobha: I will !! THanks!

Ravi: :D I know .. what can i say .. saturday was awesomest time ever ever ever! Ill post tonight!

raman: said...

enjoy NY + the US. make it a point to try to find the "soup nazi" of seinfeld fame...

Monsieur K said...

hey unpred,
have a gr8 time in NY :)
and hope ur hand gets better soon!
do post the updates/snaps here.

unpredictable said...

Raman: Thanks .. but what???

Ketan: :) Thanksssss.. mu hand feels better awwready .. more updates fm treasure hunt et all coming up :)

@ said...

hey - you must be so lucky to have such chweet friends!!!! Enjoy your stay babe and keep blogging :-)

Penguin said...

Ayyo, when will you update ya sister!? I'm tired of checking everyday. WRITE!