Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This is for you Superman ...

Dear Superman,

Mogambo mentioned that you wanted something "jollier" on this blog soon coz the misery is pissing you off / going right above your head :P

Here. This is as phunny as it gets. Its not my own. But you will love.


P.s: The Yale tee is brilliant thanksverymuch! :D

P.p.s: People who aren't Superman will ALSO enjoy this one. Please to read PuppyManohar's latest. I cannot stop ROTFLING.


Anonymous said...

Flattered :) Superman bhee khush hua !

- S'man

Penguin said...

Extremely random comment follows. Isn't the full form of ROTFL Rolling on the floor laughing? So if you say ROTFLing, would the last word be laughinging?
- Penguin.

unpredictable said...

Superman: OMG my blog does cartwheels in the delight of having a Yale-almost-grad-teeming-with-deadlines-bschool-student visit it and LEAVE A COMMENT! :D Thanks ya! :D

Penguin: Waste woman. Waste. In the online world, ROTFL is a verb in itself due to its frequent usage. Hence as with any other perceived verb, it's followed up with an "ing".

(I know. I'm a bigger waste for responding to this. Both of us are in Mogambo's words - FAILURES!)

Penguin said...

Speak for yourself. I am NOT a failure. And stop belittling my intellectual brainwaves by calling it a waste product. My heart bleeds.
- Penguin.