Wednesday, November 30, 2011

why I haven't had coffee breaks with anyone outside the 3-4 regulars.

Because I cannot answer the simple question "how are things?" without lying.

Dark circles, recurring backaches, rare nights of continuous sleep and incredible hair loss. Classic symptoms of stress, anyone? welcome to my life in the last 2 years.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

One day I'll simply give up ...'s just that... today isn't that day.

Hope > Cynicism still.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

What a good week looks like

Monday to Friday
- 80% of working team out travelling.

- Related to the above, unlimited seating. No need to be in at 8 am to get a half decent seat.

- Having the time to wrap up pending work peacefully. No interruptions or silly demands on one's time.

- Incredible P in the kitchen who does the chopping and cleaning for dinner everyday. I just have to be creative with menu, manage assembly and overall CPS so dinner prep takes <30 minutes. It's like an episode of "chopped" in here some days. <3 it.

- 8 hours of sleep. Good sleep.

- Waking up to 25 degrees celsius weather. I love Singapore in what is freeze-your-ass winter in the rest of the world.

- Heading out to eat breakfast. 2 dosas + 1 chai = heaven on a rainy morning. (or any morning, for that matter)

- Coming back home to P who has already done 2 rounds of laundry in the meanwhile, dried out wet clothes, folded up dry ones and tidied up the place in general. <3!

- Having P take care of lunch as I skype with my very excited parents who visit me in 2 weeks!

- Studying for an upcoming driving theory test as V&D camp out at home and play songs from Rockstar. Analysis of the music ensues, where P hints at a heavy 70's rock influence on this album. The rest of us simply nod given how little we know about rock in general.

- Watching Rockstar. Although I don't understand or empathize with self destructive angst (any other angst is ok, you see) I do like the movie in parts. Does anyone notice, however, that with the exception of Kareena Kapoor in Jab we Met, Imtiaz Ali has a bad record with picking heroines for his movies?
Deepika and her weird accent in Love Aaj Kal killed us enough, and now this girl Nargis Fakhri who makes us want to jump off a cliff each time she tries to emote. Aiyo why?!

- Staying in on a Saturday evening doing serious work like good students. I haven't done this in almost 7 years now, but I realize that 15 years of being a nerd cannot be beat by 7 years of no exams. No sir, it cannot.

All in all, this already looks like a good weekend. All that remains is to get myself a massage appointment tomorrow and prepare the back for the week ahead. Ah, happy happy.