Saturday, March 26, 2005

The long and winding road....

A very special friend got me introduced to the Beatles .... picked out music he figured i'd like and put em on my pc ... I'm offically hooked now! And the long and winding road is one of my fav 'keep awake while i study' songs coz its so non- intrusive in nature. Its also the most apt to this stage of our lives ... We're 3 days away from leaving behind the most memorable experience of our lives ... Atleast for the mark chasing home loving simpleton that i have been all my life, this place has been a roller coaster ride ... treasured moments, the biggest highs and the deepest lows ... spurts of good luck .. good friends ... so much space .. and independence ... and an official intriduction to the world of brands ... (Rs 900 at Westside and Rs 450 at Khadder yesterday should make my point abundantly clear!) Unpredictable has admittedly made the big leap in a drastic paradigm shift of lifestyle. :)