Monday, June 06, 2011

all is well?

Much more now than ever in the last month. Work shows signs of calming down, I get a new person on my team which should stop making me and my people do the work of 4 people. I've stopped worrying about helping people struggling with babies or finding work. I've cut down on socializing unless absolutely important esp doing things that mess with my system. Late nights, alcohol are under control and I'm back to running. Determined to wrap up the basic spanish, learn driving and swimming very soon.
I've come to realize more than ever before that I really lucked out with this marriage thing. Finding a feminist among men is tough enough, finding one to marry was just sheer luck. *kaala teeka*
And for now, hosting one of my dearest friends is keeping me oblivious to the world and happy.
What else can a regular person ask for?

Ps- to everyone who wrote in a kind word after that overwhelming last post, thanks. :-)
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