Thursday, April 28, 2011

my 5 roles

Have exploded into about a thousand right now.

Work takes so much out of me already. Mom is being diagnosed with illnesses, not incurable or major but worrying nevertheless.
Father to have knee surgery.
P unhappy with job.
Brother confused about moving to the us for studies.
Friends getting married and my inability to make it.
Other friends who I love and am not able to catch often enough even on phone.
Self which craves exercise, experiments in cooking and time to just be.
Kids at work who have gone and enrolled a clueless me as mentor + my eagerness to make time food them (cause man, no one deserves to go through shit and not get some help on how to cope)
Friends who are struggling with babies.
Friends struggling to find jobs.
My own people who deserve a fantastic manager.

I need to stop trying to fix the bloody world. Now.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

risotto is a tricky dish

Simply because it usually tastes so refined and blah that it tastes of nothing at all. I recall with horror this one time that p and I were at this fancy ass restaurant that had only vegetarian item on their menu - risotto. And such pathetic risotto it was that not even the chefs assurance that it was al dente not uncooked (as I insisted it was) could make me feel better about the crappy excuse for a meal.

Risottos are a source of repeated disappointment to me. With the exception of the amazing pesto based risotto I had with Andrea at the restaurant overlooking tianemen square, risotto has always been like the boyfriend who keeps convincing you he deserves a second chance only to disappoint you further.

Eventually, taking matters into my own hands has seemed like the only viable solution and I've been on the lookout for a brilliant risotto recipe. I made one up today. With a base of pumpkin puree and basil, a topping of crisp stir fried onions, garlic and pumpkin seeds and a dash of balsamic reduction and parmesan I just experienced risotto heaven and risotto experienced a redemption like never before.

I really must do more with this cooking thing. Hmmmmm.
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Friday, April 08, 2011

an interesting week

I spent 2 days getting trained to be good at my job and the 2 days after that recovering from a viral flu at home. I was asked to stay away from people so I wouldn't infect them which meant utter boredom siting alone at home and inability to share a room with p even when he was at home.
Now I know I should have been sleeping from all the medication, but the fact that our indie movie is getting so much attention and publicity meant I was incredibly excited. Too excited, as it turns out, to be able to sleep. But what the hell! This kind of thing (association with a project like this) happens all too rarely and as someone who has worked very hard to ensure maximum publicity for the movie, I bloody well intend to enjoy it while it lasts.

So that was the week in q nutshell. I'm better now and back to work, but the buzz of excitement is still in my head.

Check out our movie -

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Monday, April 04, 2011

the best weekend so far

This weekend was the best I've seen in this year. Mausams, our indie movie premiered to much appreciation. And india won the cricket world cup after 28 years! The last time was in 1983 when I was a thumb sucking baby who probably didn't realize the magnitude of the event. Now I'm old enough to have my own baby. And boy did I register the win! Sunday was the chillest weekend of this year, giving me the time to bask in some rare bout of optimism that p was experiencing wrt to his life situation.

All in all, a good weekend that I wouldn't mind more siblings of.
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