Thursday, April 28, 2011

my 5 roles

Have exploded into about a thousand right now.

Work takes so much out of me already. Mom is being diagnosed with illnesses, not incurable or major but worrying nevertheless.
Father to have knee surgery.
P unhappy with job.
Brother confused about moving to the us for studies.
Friends getting married and my inability to make it.
Other friends who I love and am not able to catch often enough even on phone.
Self which craves exercise, experiments in cooking and time to just be.
Kids at work who have gone and enrolled a clueless me as mentor + my eagerness to make time food them (cause man, no one deserves to go through shit and not get some help on how to cope)
Friends who are struggling with babies.
Friends struggling to find jobs.
My own people who deserve a fantastic manager.

I need to stop trying to fix the bloody world. Now.

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Mo said...

You are not a fixer. You are an enabler. Now make the call.

prasi said...

This, too, shall pass. Take care.


chandni said...

hang in there, and let go when it gets too much. Its okay.