Friday, April 08, 2011

an interesting week

I spent 2 days getting trained to be good at my job and the 2 days after that recovering from a viral flu at home. I was asked to stay away from people so I wouldn't infect them which meant utter boredom siting alone at home and inability to share a room with p even when he was at home.
Now I know I should have been sleeping from all the medication, but the fact that our indie movie is getting so much attention and publicity meant I was incredibly excited. Too excited, as it turns out, to be able to sleep. But what the hell! This kind of thing (association with a project like this) happens all too rarely and as someone who has worked very hard to ensure maximum publicity for the movie, I bloody well intend to enjoy it while it lasts.

So that was the week in q nutshell. I'm better now and back to work, but the buzz of excitement is still in my head.

Check out our movie -

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Admin said...

me likes! :)

SVK said...

not very sure why it says "admin" in the below comment... its supposed to be either "shilpa" or "SVK"