Saturday, August 22, 2009


I spent a good part of today feeling sorry for myself (long story, but legit enough to worry about, I promise you) and indulging in a series of 'Why Me" type questions. After abandoning some useless attempts at sleep which only got me more worked up, I switch on the TV to guess what? Juno!! The ultimate movie about how there's always a cooler alternative than to feel sorry for yourself. It's as if the universe is telling me to shut and get a grip.

So I shall. Have fun tonight i.e.

What are your weekend plans, say?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

For those who believe in prayers...

The 3 or 4 odd times in life I've had the chance to pray for something significant, like really ASK for a choice to be granted at a life changing juncture, I've held back from being too specific or picking from amongst the top 2 choices.

And learned that it's always for the best.

If I'd gone to IIMA vs. B for example, I'd have been a nervous wreck by the time the 1st year ended, instead of having as much fun as I did. But I refrained from asking, although A and B were the top choices, and everyone knows A is the more glamorous option of the 2. I kept holding back and saying 'I'll take what's sent my way' until I found out that A was actually the ONLY one I didn't make it through.

The same holds true for recent turn of events. And if what I've been granted in life so far is anything to go by, then only good things lie in store, although I'm finding it tough to see it right now.

Hope. Faith. Courage. I hope to find you and keep you over the next few months. Work with me, will ya?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

There's something to be said..

for the fact that every time I start to lose hope a little bit, something happens that brings me back to being hopeful.

For that, and for everything else that's gone right in the last 2 weeks, and to whoever is orchestrating the musical that is my life....


Monday, August 03, 2009

Another 2 weeks ...

Go by.

This time bringing with them such gifts, that I'm on the verge of believing in 'good' and 'bad' times.

Finally found a nice girl to move into my room when I move out. And by nice, I mean really nice!

The broken laptop has been replaced by a new one. A phenomenon not known to many in my company in the current era of cost cutting.

Some health issues have been sorted out. The larger ones anyway. I'm hoping no others come up and everything else is as petty as my sneezing (really I've started to appreciate those small ailments a lot now, if they mean the larger stuff stays away)

Closure on some very critical formalities pertaining to the country I live in.

Incredibly good friends from the past have gotten back in touch, through what can only be described as coincidences of the highest order. :-)

Work, oh work, has been OH SO GOOD. Meaningful projects, and the realization that I have a wonderful set of colleagues to work with. Gives me hope for the year coming up. And the travel that it brings along can only mean more adventures. :)

I'm going home this Friday for 3 days :D It's going to be hectic and action packed, but it's going to be pretty awesome as well! :D

No more weird dreams :)

The whole P and I living together thing is a discussion that's at least going somewhere. It may not end up with the most desirable outcome, but at least for now, I know that the powers that be are talking about it with other powers that be. Compared to 6 months of almost zero updates, this is progress. Only it may be December, vs. October, by the time we start to live together, but we've done this long enough for 2 extra months to not kill us. So that's fine.

Much bonding with the other flatmate DM. Much fun at home (I've now watched 3/6 Star Wars movies coz she's such a manic fan, egged on over the phone by P who has found a willing partner in crime) and much much traipsing around the country(in our case, city)side doing nothing in particular. Many feelings of "Why didn't we do this earlier?" and "Darnit I'm going to miss her when we both move out in a month's time" are coming to mind now, but that only goes to show how good a time is being had. :)

And the Penguin's birthday is coming up. And DM's. And planning these, esp. with that Penguin being so excited since the last 2 months, is going to be some task, but is going to be tons of fun nevertheless.

So there. If you hear me whining, put one tight slap, coz I need to count my blessings as of this moment, and hope there are only more to come. :)