Saturday, August 22, 2009


I spent a good part of today feeling sorry for myself (long story, but legit enough to worry about, I promise you) and indulging in a series of 'Why Me" type questions. After abandoning some useless attempts at sleep which only got me more worked up, I switch on the TV to guess what? Juno!! The ultimate movie about how there's always a cooler alternative than to feel sorry for yourself. It's as if the universe is telling me to shut and get a grip.

So I shall. Have fun tonight i.e.

What are your weekend plans, say?


Ariel said...

i m moving:)...have been reading u for the past couple of days....and i guess i jst wanted to say good luck with everything though i have no clue what the'everything' entails

Penguin said...

You should've stayed longer. More fun could've been had, as you will realise when you see mad pics later. :-)

Guy said...

have fun

very honest blog.

Rambler said...

Juno did have a sort of positive outlook to like isnt it..

unpredictable said...

Ariel: Thanks :) And where are you moving???

Penguin: No ya. I did right thing by going home and sedating myself with meds :)

Guy: Thanks! Also, pls tell me ur not the super boss on the role i work on. He has the same name. Shite.

Rambler: Juno was FANTASTIC through a situation that most filmmakers have made sob movies out of. Power to her kind! :D

Wanderer said...

i remember thinking you'll like this movie

unpredictable said...

Wanderer: It seemed so low profile when I stumbled upon it on the singapore airlines list ... and turned out to be such a treat when watched!