Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Too much excitement!

I guess the excitement of potentially being in Australia soon and the comfort of an empty office in end December is all too much positive energy for my body to take. I'm down with a bad attack of viral flu 3 days before we head to Chennai for the Christmas weekend. Sad Sad!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


After my depressing last post, I've realized that for far too long, I've held off on making interesting plans in life to accomodate events that may or may not occur. That, and the fact that P's stupid company has a pro rated system of leave which leaves us completely unable to take long holidays as often as I would like.

However, in the spirit of moving away from this sad sad way of waiting to exhale, I've gone ahead and planned a trip to Australia for the upcoming holidays. To ensure I don't take away from leave I may need for other commitments, I'm only taking 3 days off in a week where 2 are already off - giving me a grand total of 9 days with only 3 days away from work. Australia suits this purpose nicely, being a 7.5 hour flight away (not too much time spent on the journey) and being a destination we've wanted to travel to for a while now.

Also being the meticulous scenario planner (read obsessive compulsive freak) that I am, I've made sure all flight and hotel bookings are either fully refundable OR likely to occur minimal cancellation charges. It's taken a lot of effort at this last minute to beat the Chinese New Year exodus to decent hotels and flights, esp. given all the above constraints, but the net result is me feeling utterly chuffed at doing it all in 1 day.

And now that it's all planned and done, I'm realizing how badly I've craved a holiday that's longer than a long weekend. Just the thought of an impending trip to a new country, new things to see and do, long drives lounging in the front seat next to P (I don't drive just yet) makes me so intensely happy. YAYYYYY!!!!!