Thursday, October 14, 2010

Look ma, new glasses!

Yes, it is an unfortunate event that marks the aging of my body. I now have glasses to correct my far sightedness. And although most people I mentioned this to looked sad and made the right sympathetic noises, I feel quite cool and dare I say saxy in my new glasses. :-)

Andy was here 2 weeks ago and MUCH MUCH fun was had. Taking her around the city was a delight because she loved absolutely everything about it. The multiple cultures, the varied cuisines, clean air, the proximity of locations and lack of traffic, and most of all the Esplanade. We've vowed to make more trips there once she gets here. Let's see how we keep to that promise.

And Shilpa's movie is well on its way to completion. AN and I are co working the publicity bit and trying to keep up news alive until we hit the theaters on 2nd April, 2011. I'm doing a bit role in the movie (which Shilpa might have cut out for editing purposes - who knows!) but if it stays in, I'll let all and sundry know which 2 minutes I am on screen. Ok? Ok!

Good night peeps!