Saturday, April 23, 2011

risotto is a tricky dish

Simply because it usually tastes so refined and blah that it tastes of nothing at all. I recall with horror this one time that p and I were at this fancy ass restaurant that had only vegetarian item on their menu - risotto. And such pathetic risotto it was that not even the chefs assurance that it was al dente not uncooked (as I insisted it was) could make me feel better about the crappy excuse for a meal.

Risottos are a source of repeated disappointment to me. With the exception of the amazing pesto based risotto I had with Andrea at the restaurant overlooking tianemen square, risotto has always been like the boyfriend who keeps convincing you he deserves a second chance only to disappoint you further.

Eventually, taking matters into my own hands has seemed like the only viable solution and I've been on the lookout for a brilliant risotto recipe. I made one up today. With a base of pumpkin puree and basil, a topping of crisp stir fried onions, garlic and pumpkin seeds and a dash of balsamic reduction and parmesan I just experienced risotto heaven and risotto experienced a redemption like never before.

I really must do more with this cooking thing. Hmmmmm.
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