Thursday, November 01, 2007

Status quo

- Searing numbing pain in the hand extending to the shoulder, then neck. OR Searing, numbing pain in the neck, extending to the shoulder then hand. Not sure which.

- Leaving for my annual trip tomorrow. Will continue to blog and upload pics from Mogambo's lappie as I spend the next week and a half in a new city. My 1st ever ALONE trip. Not that i'll be alone alone considering im staying there with M'bo in her house. Still all planning has been done alone with no one to coordinate with - visa, tickets etc. And most touring, travelling within the city etc will be done alone while M'bo is at work.
Very looking forward to seeing fall colors for the 1st time in my life :D Very. VERY!

- Have shitloads to do before then. Workwise I mean. 2nd big project for the year to be done by end November and 1st draft to be shared tomorrow. My brilliant epiphany took some time coming. But its here finally. So a night out it shall be and a ready I shall hopefully be tomorrow morning.

- Still have last minute packing. Books to be picked up from penguin. Last minute check on docs. Warm clothes. Fancy clothes. Essential clothes. Clothes in general .. you get the drift :-) Thankfully can afford to forget the likes of shampoo and toothpaste. Visting a woman is SO awesome :)

Will put up one last post before I fly out tomorrow. And with that my bye byes. And a call to blogger friends in that part of the world to meet up if they'd like :)

And then I'll be on my Jet plane :-) Good night till then!


Mahogany said...

Solo trip :-)
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

woohoo! woohoo! I will share my toothbrush also with you ya! That much full excitement is there. Yayyyyy. We can go buy millions of cheap books at a super store. And go to flea markets and eat SO MUCH all kinds of food and... yayyyyyyy!

Mogambo is semma sooperly jolly khush ya! :)

Anonymous said...

Umm.. also one fyi note -- fall colors are not to be seen from my place -- you know the glass, steel and concrete issues?
We will, however, drive up to a lovely lake or quaint little village to facilitate an ocular feast. Okva?

unpredictable said...

mahogany: :) I know! Thankss!

M'bo: Suchaa sweetheart u r .. but ill carry toothbrush ya .. just pls to be sharing soap, paste and all :D <48 hours to go! :D

Quirky Quill said...

Bon voyage.have truckloads of fun! I'm sure I read about a ny red alert on some lethal stuff entering the did they find out??

unpredictable said...

Mbo: No issues ma .. annything to see orange red leaves :D

QQ: Eh woman ... dont be mean wen im leaving ya! :D thanks tho!

Penguin said...

Hey sister, please to go with Mbo to all those cheap bookstores and pick up books for me also no ya. And please please please don't tell my parents about that - they're already freaking out over the bookshelves in my place now :-)
Come back soon, and have a greeeat trip! Muah!
Love, Penguin.

Parul said...

All that remains in my mind after reading this post is night-out, night-out, night-out...

Hope the draft is done, aye? deck done, saved twice, printed twice, memo-bloody-rized twice....??

All the best and catch those fall colours.

dushyanth said...

bestest city ever

ennnsaaai !

Tudee said...

Bon Voyage lady...have fun..
waiting for teh posts post your trip..:D

unpredictable said...

Penguin: Vera velai illai? Books in NY aam! Ayyoo!! Stop woman stop! Ill get for u fm india in dec ok? :-)

Parul: A nite out like never before, im sleeeepppy with 4 hours of sleep only last nite! But all's wrapped up and im off! Mogambo has instructed that i start adjusting my body clock so shouldnt sleep until night HER time! Bah! Thanksss for ur wishes but :)

Dushyy! I willl .. thanks! (())

Tudee: Thengyuu! :D Ill keep posting! U keep visiting! And all will be well with the world!

~nm said...

Have fun, party all night, eat as much as you can, drink not too much ;o) and have a blast!

And once you are done having a blast, blast us with some posts and pics :D