Saturday, December 08, 2007

Say hi to Hamlet the Hamster ..

Scroll down ... yeah right there below the Neoearth counter is my new pet Mr (or Miss? I don't genderdiscriminate when I adopt as you can see) Hamlet.

Pls to say hi :-)

This is my gift to myself for wrapping up 200 posts (come to think of it, all these cheap friends of mine asking me for treats should be treating ME!) and for working through the bleddy weekend (and enjoying it no less - i'm an official freak!)


S said...

Hamlet is totally CUTE! :) Nice addition to your blog.

Albatross said...

hamlet...hmmmm....seems to be moving ahead of time...! :-D

reminds me of the question I asked myself before I entered engineering college, viz, to BE or not to BE......;-)

by the way unpred, i did look up bruschetta and came across a sample of your culinary skills...thanks for the thoughts of a webruschetta or blogmeal!

nourishment, though, is in serious requirement pour moi, after having checked out 55 apartments in 2 days and having been constantly reminded by my sweet agent as to how singapore rentals have doubled in 1 year. i'm still trying to figure the conundrum of singapore housing, which was also the key topic of discussion over dinner with a motley crew last night at a friend's place. the only five people who weren't discussing property in singapore at that point of time were discussing property in mumbai...

house that?

have a fun weekend, or what's left of it.

unpredictable said...

S: Thanks .. isnt he! :D I even got to name and color him .. watta girly color!

Albatross: LOL .. ahead of time eh .. he's kinda duh .. but that's the joy of having someone duh around. That I feel smarter most times :) Btw - try dangling that bot right corner strawberry and he freaks out esp if u take it to the bot center of the window .. happy house hunting .. and welcome to singapore!
Emm do I know you?

Albatross said...

Thanks Unpred, I need all the wishes I can manage!

Emm...not sure if I know you but wouldn't mind finding's a small world in general. :-D

I'm jeeves, mailable at