Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My favorite brand of people..

People who speak their mind:
No sugar coating. No "this is excellent .. BUT .." No "I agree with you.. BUT....".

No beating around the bush. Just telling it as it is. Spade = Spade. And the abiliity to say "I don't agree with this even if you're senior and more experienced" or simply say what they feel in forums with "biggies" who scare the heck out of everyone else.

The ability to be different from others who walk the line always and tangible fearlessness is the most respectable quality in a person. Even with my 5'8" frame, I SO look up to such people.

Dear G:
Help me be one of them when im older. Heck, help me start now!!!

People with unlimited zest for life:
This junior who replaced me in my previous role is one of my favorite people. His zest for life is so inspiring! His philosophy is to make the absolute best of every waking moment. In his words, "Sleep is so useless, i wish it wasn't physically necessary, imagine how much we could do with all that saved time!" :D

Another junior from bschool and now work is very similar. Every once a week, we spend atleast 15 mins talking about our "cool plans" for the next few months. Travel, adventure, dramatics, learning musical instruments, new languages, swimming, interesting people we met, interesting posts on the internet and so on ..

Penguin is another classic example. As much as she may sometimes think her life isn't moving, she's ALWAYS on the lookout for interesting things to do with time. From art fairs to random auctions, the most interesting times in the last 6 months have been had with her :)

Dear G:
So long as I appreciate this about others, it'll continue to be personally aspirational. Pls to help...

People who can ENJOY music
Not just listen. But enjoy. Like let the melody seep in and permeate every single pore. Like let your soul dance and laugh from deep inside. Find it in you to sing along. To take the high notes at the right points, and then switch to low just as spontaneously ( A la "pyaar humein kis mod pe le aaya" :D).

Music with Penguin and IceCreamboy is an experience like with nobody else. We sing ourselves hoarse, Penguin and I alternate between foreground singing and background music and have perfect, picture perfect, sync. IceCreamboy, despite zero training in the arena, is mindblowing simply by virtue of his enthusiasm.

Sha and N (esp Sha) are brilliant at how well they know the most random songs SO well. Antra AND Mukhda. Right from Tezaab to Tridev, singing with them is like being in a designated "random song" music show. When you add alcohol to the above, the fun doubles coz inhibitions are let down even more (That's how we got Mundra's pseud BCG friends to join in our rowdy act the night before his wedding :D) and an incredibly good time is had by all.

The thing about people with music is when you see them respond to the nuances of notes, you know they have the ability to appreciate the little nuances of all else. (The converse may not be true but ...) And that makes them interesting to be around for reasons beyond the music. :) I like :-)

Dear G:
I may never complete that singing course I started. (My teacher returned to India midway through teaching me, and i'm left wondering if it's a sign!), but this ability to mind-dance to music, I'd like to keep this for life. (Even through the grins from colleagues who sit in the vicinity and are shocked by the constant foot tapping and smiling to tunes.) Thanksverymuch :D

There's so many more,

- Determined never say die people with astounding will power like my mom ...
- People with an enviable ability to balance their professional lives and personal loves like SuperMan,
- Those with the ability to constantly laugh make others laugh like Mogambo and PuppyManohar
- Dependable and rock solid like Penguin .. always on time, always keeping promises ..
- Always dissatisfied with status quo and wanting more out of life .. like my junior RK
- Intelligent as hell, yet surprisingly down to earth like my ex manager A
- At peace with how different they are from what SO many others want them to be, like T

Dear G: I don't ask for everything all at once .. but little by little, slowly slowly, through life can?


Penguin said...

One small tear rolled down one cheek (hehehe! Yes, I'm laughing at my own joke!), but woman, you have made up for huruting me by laughing at my violin skills :-)

Penguin said...

Verrrrry random sidenote, but just noticed today that you have ABN AMRO colours on your blog - green background and yellow highlights. Oh my God!!!

unpredictable said...

Penguin, sweetheart, muah to you too! Have i not said these things before? (kicks self!!) And see ur random side notes (truly BIC for randomness)make you very much more special :D

No more replies from me today, laptop going for servicing. :( Catch u in evening? Oh wait, i have your phone number :D

Mogambo said...

I am no more a blimpy, fyi.

Mystic said...

*Warning: Mushy comment alert*

You are still being big blimpy on the radar of my heart ya :D

mogambo said...

Mogambo super khush! Whattey feelings. Whattey feelings like the tamizh serials I say. Indeed.
*walks away in one daze*

Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar said...

Dear Unpredictable

I knew a person who was all of the above. But he eats babies. He also farts in public places and smells like an armpit.

G gives but takes too. I would be more careful before filling out a G Application. There is a lot of red tape.

Baby V.

Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar said...


There is nothing where he used to lie. Conversation has run dry. Thats whats going on. Nothings right, I am torn. You are a little late.

Baby V

unpredictable said...

Baby V: Have you received PM's msg that you are a rockstar? If not, here it is. I just heard your rendition of "tere bin" in Ms California's apartment and was blown off my feet... you are simbly yemmaaajing!

Lots of gushing over BV's talent,

Baby V said...

Dear Ms. Unpredictable.

It is a very most sadness. I am not that singer. That singer is once, Anshuman Nene and he is a rock star.

Puppy manohar should have made it clear. Lots of "vootlasotlavantiyas" to him.

Baby V
"Its not me. its not my family. In your head. In your head they are crying" _ cranberries

srikant said...

G - girish?

srikant said...

* Joke!!