Wednesday, December 05, 2007

So much masala!

Bollywood is brilliant!! The last few weeks have seen a multitude of anticipated movies finally reach eager audiences. Some turned out to be dull duds.. others were just the right dose of masala for a rather deprived Indian populace... here's my ode to some ...

Om Shanti Om:
Wat a fultoo paisa vasool movie this was! A seasoned Shahrukh Khan (except for the Dard e Disco Fiasco - what's with the 40 year old fake muscles), a refreshing face + decent actress, Deepika Padukone (she has my vote for best female newcomer this year), a song with 31 stars and some of the best music in this year (Vishal Shekhar are superb with this one), OSO is as Bollywood Masala as it comes.

Note: If you don't think you'll sing and dance with glee to the star studded 'Deewangi' song and/or laugh at Shahrukh's quick gun Murugun "Mind it" spoof, then kindly stay home, else you are encouraged to go on and indulge in what may be a sub standard storyline, but is a brilliant masala entertainer! :D

Jab we Met:
Ok so I fell asleep during this one, but that had NOTHING to do with the movie! It was ME not IT. (Drat! I sound like I'm breaking up with the movie - "it's ME - not YOU" style) but I swear, if there's one movie this year I've heard CONSISTENTly good reviews about, it's this one.

Kareena delights in her role of an annoying yet lovable girl and Shahid is controlled and mellow as he slowly succumbs to her positivity and allows his being to be infected by her hopeless optimism.

The music is incredibly "foot-tap-able" (if you see me at work mind-dancing away with a grin on my face, I'm likely listening to 'yeh ishq hai') and an interesting combination of slow and fast numbers.

Breezy and light hearted, Jab We Met is a classic case of under-promising and over-delivering. A must watch for anyone and everyone!

Aaja Nachle:
Madhuri makes a comeback after what - 6 years? And how! She plays her age as a 10 yr old's mom and yet retains every bit of the dancing talent that propelled her into stardom in her Tezaab days.

Kunal Kapoor is yummy! (Penguin will tell you how I jolled over this extremely talented, very promising, 'its sinful to look this good' actor all through the movie - but ignore her will ya?) You really just have to see him (and belong to womankind) to understand .... Sighhhh ...

Konkona Sen is adorable as the bumbling simpleton trying to audition for Laila's role and Ranvir and Vinay are their usual hilarious + poignant selves.

And the music!!! Oh the music!!! And the dance!!! We simply COULD NOT sit still through either the title song or the very hummable "Show me your Jalwa" and although we irritated the life out of the uncles and aunties ahead of us, there really IS no other way to enjoy the music! :D

An out and out Bollywood masala movie with the usual quirks and lapses of logic, this one comes recommended for any Madhuri fan and definitely for any fan of her dancing! Simple story of good vs. evil and no terribly evil characters, this one's perfect for a Friday evening viewing. Go watch!

Coming up:
Taare Zameen Par (Aamir Khan as a teacher to a dyslexic child) and Khoya Khoya Chand (the glamour and glitx of the 70's movie industry with the talented Shiny Ahuja) ...

Bollywood rocks! :D


Albatross said...

I agree that Bollywood rocks.

However, looking back thirty years from now, I'm not so sure 2007 will be remembered. Especially coming in the wake of a roaring 2006 that produced some of the most cutting edge cinema ever to come out of Bollywood.

That's where this year disappointed me - there was some entertainment, but I would at best sum up the year's servings as mediocre - like an insipid college idli. You can't really go wrong with an idli, but college canteens try hard. Like this year's Bollywood flicks. Nothing wrong in most of them, but...


PS: Apologies for gatecrashing this blog - I bumped into it on the net and found it rather interesting. Let me know if this is a closed circle!

PPS: It would be interesting to get your take on the impact of the blackberry on the human attention span, and manners in general.

~nm said...

Ohh yes! I loved Om Shanti Om too! Its a great fun movie!

AAja nach le, Taare Zameen par and Khoya Khoya Chand are on my hit list soon to be targetted :)

Penguin said...

Yakkow! I understand you don't really have fursat from jolling over Kunal Kurly Kapoor, but couldja please spell Shiney Ahuja's name properly??? What is this rubbish behaviour I say!

unpredictable said...

Albatross: :) Remind me then which 2006 movies are you referring to? Omkaara I remember ... others I don't ... and this isn't sarcastic, I was out of sync with Bollywood last year :) Maybe you are right .. but I just thoroughly enjoyed these movies coz i'm personally turning into a masala movie fan :)
No gatecrashing - its a public blog, anyone's free to visit :) No closed circle here though many friends (blogworld and otherwise) visit often ..
On BBs... haven't had much experience in the area ... maybe you should write about those? :)

NM: I promise you, you'll enjoy them :)

Penguin: Eh ok ya, he got that numeral thingie done to his original Shiny name .. i swear that WAS his name in Hazaaron ... Then again .. could just be Kunal Kapoor .. SIGHHHHH

Monsieur K said...

hvnt watched OSO yet - but yep! the other 2 movies get my vote :D
and i am looking forward to TZP and KKC also.

amongst the 2006 movies u have - RDB, Omkara, Lage Raho Munnabhai to mention a few.

and yeah, Bollywood surely rocks!

Albatross said...

Hey Unpredictable:

2006 was a revelation for buffs and buffs, the masala lovers and the health food freaks (or idli lovers as the case may be).

You hit paydirt on Omkaara (what performances!). The others that I can think of are, in no particular order, Range De, Lage Raho, Krrish, Dhoom 2, Don, Dor, Khosla ka Ghosla, Zinda, KANK, Fanaa, Being Cyrus, Kabul Express...don't remember if there's anything that I missed.

A couple of these were quite even if not entertaining, close to being cutting edge as far as Bollywood goes.

And no, as far as I remember, Shiney was always spelt thus. I remember meeting him at the premiere of a friend's film, while he was working on Hazaaron with Sudhir. Really sweet chap, though funny name, I thought then. Not sure I believe the stuff I hear about him in the media...

Some day on the blackberry, perhaps.

Take care, all.

Tudee said...

Hey Unpred,
great reviews..:)thanks!!!
Need to go out and buy the DVDs for all of these now..:)

unpredictable said...

MonK: Yeah totally forgot about those... RDB is such a classic ... you really should catch the rest :)

Alb: FINE! Shiney not Shiny. I hope Penguin can stop smirking in the corner like that!

Tudee: Watch in theatre if possible ya! OSO and AN esp!