Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy post!!

See this .. hilarious!!! :D


Baby V said...

Dear Ms. Unpredictable

The Mad Momma commented on our blog. She laughed. She perhaps liked it a bit.

Can we get the opportunity of reading her blog?

Dr. Comrade. Ramakrishnan Nanda Yechury (Mrs.)

nutty said...


As promised I'm back (just a few days shy of 6 weeks) and letting you know :)

I'm also wondering why I haven't blog-rolled you yet so I'm putting that next on my blog's to-do list :)

And right after will be - catching up with your last few posts ... so more later! ciao!

unpredictable said...

Dear Baby V,

u can find her on ... ermm .. argh .. gah!! I cant seem to find her ya .. this laptop isnt mine, neither is this internet, im feeling out of place, ironically when im actually home!! Silver lining is that i put cilantro on the aloo dum this time round. Hope u appreciate.


unpredictable said...

Nutty!!! How it was ur trip??? or are u still on it??? :) Had a good christmas i hope and plan for an even better new year :) TC!