Monday, December 10, 2007

Dear Monday....

Dear Monday,

I have a few wishes for today, please to adjust and fulfill.

1. I want chai. With Amul milk and Brooke Bond chai patti. And i want SOMEONE ELSE to make it for me instead of walking to the kitchen in my sleep deprived state. Can?

2. I want this to end today. TODAY. Inputs blah is fine, but if I have to spend another weekend working on anything, no matter how enjoyable it is, I shall .. I shall ... I shall go back and think of something appropriately scary to threaten you with. Note however, that it will be MEAN and NASTY!

3. At 12 pm this afternoon, I will have reached POG - point of give up - when I throw my hands up and say "I did all I could, the rest is in the maker's hands" and will just go do that presentation. At that point, please to make any sense of attachment and involvement flee my system. I DON'T want.

4. At 2 pm this afternoon, I will reach POF - Point of Freedom. At this point I'd like you to make the unbreakable glass of the 22nd floor windows breakable for exactly 15 mins (before the next meeting starts) so that I can jump out and be a FREE BIRD.
(While you're at it, do NOT seal back the hole in the window until i re-enter from my flight of fantasy. I need to be at the next meeting. P needs me)

Please let me know if you need any clarifications on the above requests. In case of further questions/inputs, I'll be happy to talk over the phone. Note however, that I haven't left a number. If you want it badly enough, you will find it.



Puppy Manohar said...

Dear Unpredictable,

By definition, 12 pm is in the afternoon.

With lou,

Puppy Manohar

unpredictable said...

Dearest PM: %&#^$^@%$*%%&##

Penguin said...

Theendhu pocha? How it was?
- Penguin.

unpredictable said...

Es ya .. theendu pochu .. good good it was! :) Me and P both happy :)

Albatross said...

ulp...sorry for the grammatical edit, but theendu pocha is a trite inappropriate, unless you're talking about the chai patti, which i assume you're not.

"mudinjida?" or better still "nallapadiya mudinjida?" is the expression?

unpredictable said...

Dear Albatross,

Most heartfelt and sincere apologies from the Penguin and me to all of Tamizhkind for that mistake. What would we do without able Tamizhs such as yuvar esteemed self to help mend our ways?

And err.... thanks for asking how it went! Very the kind of you.


p.s: Mogambo seems to have taken a liking to you, did you read her earlier poem? :)

Albatross said...

hey unpred,

i assumed it went well, as per your post here!

it was a hastily typed grammatical reaction in hk airport with 15 minutes to go for my flight and significantly tasteless food having been consumed in the past 48 hours.

congratulations and well done...


ps: thanks mogambo, an honour to be part of the proceedings...!

Mogambo said...


If you don't give me proper credit
I just walk away
coz we are living in a material world
But I am a (not very) material girl.

So, coffee will make me khush. Will you be able to achieve?
If not, I have proxy who can drink good kaapi on my begauff.
Let me know.


Albatross said...

mogambo and unpred:
to 9/10/11 we can head,
much coffee can be had
provided company's not bad
when and where the question was
starbucks, pacific or komala's?

Mogambo said...

Company, my friend, is A-class.
for otherwise I know, these things can go for a toss.
I am to be picking Komala Vilas.
Yennikku and yethana manikku boss?


Albatross said...

then indeed 'tis decided - kunjam joraaga caffeine:

innikku na, komalasukku povarudu would be a pain;

but since ground brown seeds are nary served in a pub,

10.30 pm, clarke quay, coffee club?

unpredictable said...

Dear Mogambo (might I add, dear engaged and taken friend of mine), and Mr Albatross, as happy as it makes me for this blog to become the dating/ flirting forum for the world in general (1st Penguin and PM, now this), I'd like to impart SOME sense of mystery to ur endeavour to coffee across the seas.

Take this offline. Both of u! Pongo! Shoo!

Albatross said...

dear unpred, much as to admit one would hate:-

a meeting for coffee doth not maketh a date.

conversation on a blog not always meant for flirt

discussions over coffee can be good fun or just curt.

but the entertainment would be gone, via offline fora or fauna

hence it could be interesting, c-clubukko komalasukko pauna

Mogambo said...

the exact same thing I told Mystic.
Coffee could be fun, conversation might be great, why not be a bit optimistic?
Sorry Albatross, that we couldn't hang out and talk.
Perhaps best if Mystic cleared it first, don't want her to be in shock.
Aana andha Komala Vilas la oru dosai and oru kaapi..
No club can ever make me that happy.

Some day, wakaai?
PS: news padippiya? (braces for thittu from Mystic)