Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Twiddly Thumbs and Idle Intellect :D

It's been like forever since I've wished I could take a day off work for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. My day is finally here!!! :D

Remember P and I did a whole weekend of work 2 weeks ago? As her manager I asked her to make up for it with a nice whole day off anytime she wanted and my own manager (bless her soul) asked me to do the same :D So today's my day! :-)

Thing is I'm not entirely sure how to do this. :S I mean I've planned and agenda-ed through several days when there was TOO much to do, but this? This I've never done before! There's still lurking guilt somewhere about not working (Emm, Unpred, you've wrapped up most work for the year! Give it a rest bleddy!) on a working day and since my over-efficient system is not used to empty time, it's taking some time to come to terms with no rules for the day :)

Nothing planned for now .. and going with the flow is the overall theme .. and I'm seeing how I can make that happen ... there's a few things I do need to do before leave for India tomorrow .. pack, shop some, put the house in order and ensure the maid knows when to come back ... also edit Mogambo's reception invite (who will otherwise skin me alive and feed me to the dogs when she sees me next, incidentally AT her wedding!) ..

But broadly, there's plenty of time and as the title suggests, Twiddly Thumbs and an Idle Intellect that will stay put and rest through the day :)

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! And a great new year in case I don't access the blog from India ... I hope to see you all once again next year :D


Mogambo said...

Your 24-hour deadline is nearly up and I am nice-a sharpening that butcher knife.
*glares sinisterly like troo Mogambo*

Ganju said...

I am inclined to comment because:
1. I am a strong believer in free time.
2. You recently called me "king".
3. I don't feel like getting to the rather unpleasant work on my to-do list.

I don't really have a comment, I just had a justification as to why I wanted to comment.

But how can you wonder what to do with you free time? So many things to do: play golf, read, watch TV, continuously snap yourself with a rubber band, and if all else fails - buy me many many presents.

unpredictable said...

Mbo: I finished off assigned task well in time. Put away the knife and let us be frandz once yeyggain :D

Ganju: I did all except read, golf, rubber banding and buying u presents - which actually disqualifies the word 'all' used above. I did watch tv, a movie named johhny gaddar and catch up on chores and running. I currently sit twiddling thumbs once again after my flight jusst got delayed by 3 hours .. life is good!

Ganju said...

While I'm willing to overlook the golf and reading I am shocked that you didn't snap yourself with a rubber band. It's an excellent pass time. And I am overwhelmed with grief at the thought that you haven't bought me many presents. But I know you're just kidding :)

Where are you flying off to? Home for the holidays?

Hope your flight takes off soon.

Jane Doe said...


I took the liberty of adding your blogspot to the list of blogs I read.