Monday, December 17, 2007

The Happiness Project

Oh this is absolutely brilliant! :D

I loved this site sent to me by Mr RK himself - in line with his incredible equity as the "active happiness pursuer" :-) I particularly love the latest post so am pasting here for the lazy bums who won't click on the link.

Disclaimer: This site is likely to evoke polarizing responses. For good reason too. I know of people who hate thinking too much about how they want to live life and believe in living it by the moment. I also know people who love actively going out and finding their happiness (the part that's within control anyway). I belong to the latter and am warning those who don't to pass up the chance to visit the site OR read ahead. :)

"“To attain something desired is to discover how vain it is; and…though we live all our lives in expectation of better things, we often at the same time long regretfully for what is past. The present, on the other hand, is regarded as something quite temporary and serving only as the road to our goal. That is why most men discover when they look back on their life that they have the whole time been living ad interim, and are surprised to see that which they let go by so unregarded and unenjoyed was precisely their life, was precisely in expectation of which they lived.”


Beautiful isn't it? :-) It's mostly stuff that's not necessarily NEW but hits you in your face for the first ever time with its impact, cause u've been forced to sit up and take notice. The rest is great too ... I'm browsing through sporadically and relishing the motley collection of tips it hosts on finding and cherishing happiness.

*Dear P ... this is for you .. for calling me a bleddy phool for not blogging for FOUR days ..ok va? *

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Penguin said...

Thyanks thyanks.
I went back to that website (I thought that's the least that I should do, considering the post was dedicated to me) after I guffawed at it the first time, and found things like "how not to have an office affair". Sorry man, but can't follow those rules - don't even flirt, even in jest it seems! I'll die!