Monday, December 03, 2007

Mum's day to be nervous .. Prayers please?

It's an important day for Mom today. She's in an interview as I type this message out.

Mum belongs to the generation of people who stayed in their jobs for 30 odd years and to the generation of women who declined offer after offer at a promotion coz it would mean making a tough choice between either staying away from her children or moving their lives to a new city to accomodate her move.

Only now at the age of 53, when her kids are 20 and 26 respectively is she finally ready to take the plunge that might send her someplace else, secure in the knowledge that me and S can both take care of ourselves in the rare event that she has to go away to another city, and a little more secure in the knowledge that this time they'll probably keep her in Mumbai itself :-)

Only I know how much this means to her. I get most of who I am from amma and I know it's never about the cash increments or the designations themselves (I haven't even bothered to get my business card upgraded after my promo to reflect the new status coz I think its such a waste of money and paper - you get what I mean?). It's usually about the chance to do better/ more interesting work that entails more responsibility and all that. My mum's exactly like that.

And although she's usually the epitome of confidence amidst people of ANY generation, she's been palpably nervous the last 1 week and this interview has been top of mind whenever we speak. And me, I'm nervous as hell too :-) I don't get nervous even for my own interviews, and I'm nervous for her. Not cause I doubt her abilities, but coz I know in her mind, the stakes are pretty high if she doesn't make it and she's going to be very upset and still have to put up a brave front coz people hate seeing her down.

I wish there was anything more I could do, but I know there's not much except to pray. And I'm doing that right now ... do send up a prayer for her if you read this anytime soon :-) Shall be much appreciated :-)

I'll put up what happens by this evening ... yeah, we'll know just that soon :-)


~nm said...

I just hope she comes home feeling happy and satisfied!

Broom said...

Sending good luck vibes your way & hers.

unpredictable said...

Thanks you guys :) She did make it eventually :) Thankssss