Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Who i judge ...

Got tagged by SS to put down categories of people that i judge ... if u know me, ull know this one aint tough :P

So here goes... I judge ...

1. People with a lousy hold over the language they grew up studying ... most people i know studied in English, so that's my biggest crib ... its excusable to shorten words in smses and so on .. but to pronounce 'Opportunity' "oppOrtunity" (u know what i mean!) or make spelling errors in emails or to be unable to string together a grammatically correct series of words in english is to me, totally inexcusable and judgment worthy!

2. Overweight people who wear clothes 2 sizes too small ... tees that show the folds in their back ... skirts that reveal thunder thighs ... tight jeans that make your waist overflow on the sides ... figure hugging party wear that makes you look 19 months pregnant ... sleeveless tops that treat everyone to a view of massive jiggly arms ... i dont judge them for being fat, i judge them for not knowing how to pull it off gracefully ... i know enough and more people who weigh above average and yet look fabulous all the time ... so dont tell me this aint possible!

3. Unkindness for the sake of it ... this is why i never understand ragging ... what pleasure can anyone possibly get out of making someone else squirm in embarrassment in public? How does it add value to anyone's life to make a hapless junior dance to a ridiculous song in front of 20 others? In my world this kinda stuff qualifies as unnecessarily unkind ... just coz u have the power of a mob, to go about asserting your authority is simply cowardice of the highest order. Oft exhibited in the well educated circles that i frequent, its feels simply pathetic! I usually just shut up and walk out of these 'fun' sessions ... but inside im lamenting .. and oh yes! Im judging!!!

4. People who find it beyond them to keep a good house .... this isnt a feminist rant about men ... get that straight! This applies to anyone who feels fine living like a pig ... wet bathroom floors with no bathmats and brown muddy footprints all over ... utensiles piled up in the kitchen sink for over a week ... all sorts of fungi growing right there and flourishing no less! Hair collecting in corners of the living room ... the stench of piled up laundry welcoming you as you walk in the door ... dining tables with remnants of god knows how many dinners that still are uncleaned ... UGH!!!
I can understand if this is a mother of a child struggling without household help ... i DO NOT get 25 year olds who can live like this ... in their world it could be perfectly normal .. in my world ... its shameful ... judgeworthy!

5. People who put objects above people ... they fret over animals ... they carefully tend to the plants in their garden .. and yet they can't find one kind word, one smile to share with the people around them ... where does this misplaced sense of priorities come from?

6. Bankers who crib about how hard they work ... they've made those choices for themselves ... they could just as easily come work where i work, have my lifestyle and be content with the pittance i make ... but they chose the ibanking life .. they chose the big bucks with full cognizance of the invasion of personal time and space it carries along ... so why crib? Be an adult .. shut up and enjoy the moolah as it comes in !!!

7. I judge fanatics .... of any kind ... yes my dear .. india is a wonderful country .. with a wonderful heritage ... but u dont have to carry the national flag around to prove that point ... im exaggerating here, but its so tiring to have people rant about how the city we now live in is drab, dull and all that blah.. while bombay is so full of life and all that blah .. well if u feel so strongly about it .. go live in bombay ... there's tons of people who'd gladly trade places with you ! And yes hinduism is a warm welcoming religion ... but why should that make any other religion any less warm or welcoming??? After all that education if you still are hung up on borders, race and color ... woe be to you!

8. I judge people who make snap judgements on people ... oh she talks aloud and speaks her mind .. surely she's a feminist who will never want to be married ... WTF!!! I've made the mistake myself in the past of judging people too soon ... its such a waste of an opportunity to get to know someone absolutely wonderful .. so i judge anyone who does that now ... pls be warned .. if u stick labels on me after a 10 minute interaction .. ull have a scorned woman to deal with! :P

Surely there's others i judge .. .but im sleepy and tired and completely exhausted from the work and the cooking and the laundry and the .... so ill head off to bed now ... and look forward to kickstarting another day with the calming reverberation of Githams :-)

Oh and i tag Vish, Samesh, Harika, Kinks, Ravi, Nutan and Ketan (Monsieur K) to write about the people they judge! :)


Atticus said...
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Atticus said...

Hey Sudha,

Good idea by SS, whoever he/ she is, collaboration btw bloggers can become interesting! needless to say, proud to be part of your chosen grp.

i liked some of your judgements, and disliked some others. totally agree with #7 and 8, i find many IIMites guilty of that. and i loved your insight of corwardice in #4.

But i wudnt judge ppl on their physical or external attributes, nor would i on their pronounciations. In some schools (like the one i was till 4th), Hindi is the primary communication language, so I didnt know many common pronunications till I was in 12th, even now I pronounce some things funnily, because its smth which is not easy to correct suddenly. And when I look back at the ICSE kids laughing at the SSC bunch over pronunciations/ dressing sense (some fools still do and think they are so cool), I think it was so v petty, many of us have risen far above them in most important aspects of life.

Overall, another nice thought-provoking and insightful read! And yeah Im going to share my judgements with you :)

Nutan said...

ok sure, sudh... done!! i'll prepare my list...

SS said...

Hey :) U did it. Very insightful. #7 in particular made a whole lotta sense to me.

the mad momma said...

oh.. so with u on the fat ppl who wont dress appropriately! and also the bankers who crib :p btw.. why only bankers? almost everyone i know cribs abt how hard they work.