Monday, July 16, 2007

You know the wheat from the chaff when ...

You've just had the worst fight of the century with a very dear and old friend. He's hurled his honest opinions at you with all the force he can muster, not to mention the sheer courage (didn't they say friendship isnt an easy thing?) of having to tell you how wrong you are in thinking the way you do. And you've hurled at him accusations of not being supportive, and not understanding what you needed, of being harsh and judgmental. You've ended the already rare online conversation with curt cold words and signed out.

And yet, the only thing you can think of as you lay your head to the pillow is how much you love him for being who is he is to you, and how much you're still looking forward to meeting him and starting off from where the love left off.

(And useless as my friend is, he doesn't read my blogs unless i mail them to him. Ah the pity of it all!)


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unpredictable said...

who else? the groom is busy getting groomed .. it obv wasnt u ... so who else can it be?