Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday mornings ...

(Caution: a JLT post with no particular insights or information. Mostly written coz there's really no one to talk to right now. Feel free to skip.)

- 10 am singapore time ... wake up to a deliriously empty house ...
- As is habit, head straight for the laptop to check email and orkut (what a social phenomenon yes!) .. not sure why though, there's hardly any emails i get apart from warnings to take my pics off orkut and the like!
- Post having established that no one in the world will die without a reply or scrap from me, head out to morning ablutions too sensitive to detail here
- Fix up breakfast of good ol toast, gently reminding myself (for the 137th time in 2 weeks) that the kitchen still needs sooji, vermicilli, poha, ketchup and such other breakfast enabling essentials. Say a silent prayer for the wonderful Rose who put lovely breakfast into my eager Sat morning tummy for the last 1 year :-)
- Browse through Orkut wondering about the people online, what's happening in their lives? Is it worth the bother of mailing them when i haven't even spoken to Shamu in like weeks now? Cut to thoughts of Shamu, how are the people who love her more than i do coping with her sudden absence from their lives? (Before ive sent out any fatal impressions, shes in b school!!) Decide to ditch the emailing for now, tell myself ill do it tomorrow ... or maybe after that... or maybe ...
- Feel incredibly proud of my bro for his term 4 marks ... to be completely discouraged by a sub 60 score in the 1st year and to pull himself up to a 70+ in his second year ... this kid has so much more potential than anyone will ever see :) Remind myself that his kind of success is sweeter than the safe and boring consistency of my erstwhile scores and feel prouder still about what kind of person he's turning into :)
- Get goosebumps at the thought of meeting some incredibly good friends from campus in the next 4 days at Mr Mundra's wedding ... so so thrilled for him and for the chance its giving us all - Dush, Sohit, Bm, Papa, Ma, Tiny and me to meet under a single roof for the 1st time since we left campus :)
- Feel equally kicked about meeting up with the Madmomma at the same time when im in Delhi :DDDDD My 1st ever visit to a blogger friend! :DDD (the ability to vent clearly isn't the only reason i love the blogosphere!)
- Mental note of to do's for weekend: Practice for singing lessons, attend singing lessons, meet a friend for lunch, pick up India tickets, attend to more matters of the self and the house through the evening, send out my overdue draft 1 of WDP (how does my boss put up with me?), pick up Harry Potter tickets for junta here, watch Harry Potter, stock up kitchen, settle accounts for my old house, wrap up last bits of setting up new house before flatmate gets home and flips out at the mess :P, get new pillows that won't have me wake up with a sorrre back every morning, wonder if its worth the trouble to start exercising now or should i wait till i come back from Delhi? Che! so many choices for a little mind to make i tell ya!
- Realize my weekend is probably more packed than i imagined and so shift thoughts to planning next weekend (Ok Kinks, i promise not to plan anymore!!! Dont disown me!).
- Stop planning next weekend :D and decide to give the 'NOW' its due importance as the Art of Living course teaches us to do. (Another post on why i think living in the 'Now' usually just gets you killed or fired and so don't subscribe to the philosophy at all)
- Applaud myself on the pointless post that managed to eat up 30 mins of my Saturday morning and 10 minutes of a hapless reader's time and get down to actually 'doing' vs 'planning'

Cya! Have a wonderful weekend u all ... whether ur in Bombay or Bangalore or Brussels! :-)

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Sharmili said...

well, shamu is just happy that u thot abt her... call whenever u get time.... not because u have to talk but coz me want to :)))))))))