Sunday, August 05, 2007

Answer these for me will ya?

If i pray for something real hard, is there anyway to say i'll be granted what i asked for? I promise to pray real hard, even if God's on a temp vacation, i promise he'll hear me... so once he's aware... is it ok to expect he'll grant my wish?

Do songs automatically attach themselves to situations/ people/ places? Is that why some songs bring back a strong rush of memories ... usually a mixed bag of good and bad .... or is this just me being my usual nutty self?

We all have friends that we absolutely love right? Then how come some of us end up loving them and others end up falling IN love with them? What makes the difference? (Chemistry is such a global term .. but is it just that?!)

Are we all destined to find our "calling" in life? Or does it sit in a certain corner, and make your acquaintance only if you stumble upon it as you walk by?

Is the special kinda love reserved for a special few people in this world? The kind where you can wake up every morning knowing how much someone (other than ur folks) values you for who you are and looks forward to hearing your voice and seeing your face? The kind that gives you that wonderful tingle running up and down ur spine? The kind that makes everyone around not jealous, but yes secretly wishing that they were half as lucky? The kind where you have a best friend and a lover bundled in a single package ... Is this kind of love reserved for a few only?

Do our dreams mean something? Esp the kinds we have often? (If anyone says yes, pray explain what all those tigers and lions in my dreams mean!!!)

Do most people feel uncomfortable with uncertainty in the important areas of life? (I've realized a huge insight about myself ... so long as i can find a way to be ok with ALL possible outcomes of an uncertain situation, i can deal with the uncertainty .. takes some time and self explaining .. but happens eventually unless one outcome is an absolute 'NO NO'!) How do normal people come to terms with it? Or atleast find a way to not feel so thrown off by instability/ uncertainty?

Is the 'elusive' always attractive? I was watching an episode from Sex n the City this morning and the part tht stuck in my head was Carrie's immense discomfort with Aidan (am i spelling this right?) being 'too available'. And her intense attraction to Mr Big coz he always felt so unattainable... then there's this part towards the end of the episode where she's managed to actually push Aidan away, turn down an offer to meet his folks and then bumps into Mr Big at this opera thing ... and it all comes rushing back to her ... the emotional frigidity, the inability to commit ... all of the things that while they peeved her when she was in the relationship, now make Mr Big an elusive hence attractive proposition in comparison to the uncomplicated, expressive and loving Aidan. The irony of it, however, is not lost on her and having discovered her pathetic weakness for the unattainable, she rushes back to Aidan determined to defy this crazy internal craving.
The principle of it all seemed so familiar ... everything i cannot have or have too little of always feels like the one thing i just HAVE to have ... is it like that for everyone? Is 'too available' or 'too easily attainable' something that kills the charm for everyone?

I'm ending the pointless midnight ramble here ... but if Einstein ever said we don't use more than a teensy % of our brain cells, then I'm here to prove him wrong!! Admittedly, that brainspace gets spent thinking about the most useless inane things ever, but its the usage that counts, not the intent behind the usage right?? :DD

Oh, and if anyone actually has answers, feel most welcome to answer!!! Muchas appreciated!


Anonymous said...

This is what my Tarot read on Saturday-
"It's good that you donot get all that you want. Infact it is healthier for you. Coz, watif you got it and then realised that it was just not worth all the yearning!"
It seemed to fit aptly with my state of mind and my yearning for a certain somebody in the distant past(not so distant, just a few months away)!

and it just seems to fit right with your current state/ so I believe!.. SOme people are nice.. No doubt and some people leave you drained, lost and barren! and some others just leave you guessing! and some others just take you for a good ride and bring you back to where you started leaving you wondering why they did what they did! So just take it as it comes.. and hangon and do the painting, gymming and all of it.,.. Until new and exciting things and people come by!! Keep the good work going... someday all of it will get rewarded!

unpredictable said...

Anon: Thanks for ur comment .. and pray who are you? You seem like u know lots about me and yet u dont leave a name?

Atticus said...


dont have an answers to many of ur qns (so many of them!!) but here are my thoughts on some:

Calling: I wrote a post on it a while back, I really think its smth one has to find for oneself.

Yes you are nutty, but yeah, even with me songs are associated with situations and memories, either due to the song's association with an emotion, or even simply because I happened to listen to them during a certain phase (e.g some songs I played a lot in IIMB)

Elusive is v v attractive! :)