Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I've just landed and gotten back home. Had the good sense to get my tickets advanced coz today was just half a day's worth of work!

So here's key accomplishments of the half week in a nutshell:
- Worked. (Yeah 1 word is enough for that one here)

- Read up HP6 on the flight to Manila and was good to see I was still pretty thrilled with it. I realize that with most books, i end up almost skimming through the 1st time coz i jus wanna know how it ends, and then i come back later to savor the writing and style and all that. More morons like that out there?

- Saw this awesome movie called Fracture (Nitin, I can tell u the end if u want to hear, coz the Manila flight let me see the WHOLE movie unlike ur BKK flight .. teehee!!! :D) on my way back

- Also finished this INCREDIBLE book called 'Love Walked in' which before you become your judgmental self and begin to smirk, is NOT about a woman falling in love with a man .. ok wait, before I send out the wrong signals, it's NOT about women and women or men and men or any such combinations! You could google it to check out what it's about. In any case, loved the writing style (its digressive just like mine) and the story feels SO REAL!!! The kind of stuff that could easily happen to the best or worst of us :) Read it if you can.

- As for all that hyped shopping in Manila, vs. the truckloads of clothes/ shoes/ bags/ accessories that you're probably hypothesizing i came back with, I've come back armed with 700 pesos worth of detergent powder. Yes you read that right. Don't (sc)rub your eyes!!! I brought back Ariel for my family, for myself and for Sumedha (who btw asked me to carry enough powder to last 2 generations!!! My 50% scrimping on her request probably saved me from getting caught at the airport with too much 'white' substance!!!) and I'm so enthralled hearing women talking about laundry that I think i'm gonna do an overnight soak for the 1st time in about 4 years now!! :D

Expectations from next week's India travel:
- Work (Yeah since its business travel and all that)

- Shop a little in Bangalore please!!! After that shamefaced detergent loaded return from Manila, I need to save face!

- Have people tell me I've gotten chubbier/ healthier/ rounder... any alternate variation of the above will ALSO do! Please just do NOT resort to the usual blatant lack of creativity (read: "You've lost weight", "Your cheeks look sunken", "Your eyes look sunken" "Your ear/ nose/ ankle/ middle finger looks thinner than when we last met") I promise you'll be promptly shown one of the aforementioned as a sign of vicious protest! Kunal - This is when ur erstwhile irritating googly woogly chant comes to the rescue!

- Meet the parents. My own that is. Pass on aforementioned detergent to them as token of my love and appreciation (not to mention, a valiant attempt to boost my own brand's sales).

- Talk to the sibling and do status check on CAT prep and some probes on closeted girlfriends. (Fine!!! I'll confess my own life is BORING so im looking to my bro to provide entertainment, Is it really THAT bad?!)

- Visit the IIML campus if possible. Simple curiosity. Nothing else.

- Do everything at IIMB that i did back in my 2 years there. Walk around, eat in the mess, visit the classrooms, sprawl out in welcome sunshine at the freshly watered OAT lawn and meet Rambo after what ... 1.5 years? :)

- Eat at my fav joints in Bangalore (Samarkhand, Spiga, Indijoe and watever else this generation thinks is yummy), meet up with old friends, meet some online friends i havent met ever before and some relatives.

And I can't think of more now. Add on if u will! Oh, and do buy Ariel!!! :D


Anonymous said...

Hey, welcome back! Can I please borrow books (both mentioned in blog) from you? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

Anonymous said...

Hey, welcome back! Can I please borrow books (both mentioned in blog) from you? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? - L

Anonymous said...

Mogambo has one song recommendation for you. Mogambo is positive that Mystic is aware of song, but as they call it in Mogambo's business -- it is a protective outpoint. Mogambo will send it the e-mail.


unpredictable said...

L: Of course you can! Wanna do dinner together tonite? Will pass on to u :)

Mogambo: Woman, i dont see an email, send the damn protective blah asap!

srikant said...

some ppl are so lazy they can't even post their own comments!! paah!


funny post :) in a subtle way! enjaaied reading it! Any ur buying Ariel powder to carry to india cuz?? There is no consumer noticable difference in performance. Even if there is, I dont think indian consumers are so evolved in laundry, that they will care :p

While u are at it, drop 500g at my place as well :)

unpredictable said...

Bm: Cuz, we dont have certain formulations in India, and i want my parents to try. All sachets, PH is 90% sachet na.. where from ill get 500 gm? Where's ur sound business understanding eh? (ok ok u posted nice things, so ill drop off one sachet of oxybleach ok?):)

unpredictable said...

and of course, u meant involved - not evolved right?

p.s: Grammar Nazi is clearly alive and kicking (ur butt!)

LUCKY said...

hello.. some one clearly forgot the mumbai plans!

unpredictable said...

Lucky: Of course i havent!!! We're meeting up tomm .. all of us .. and the thanni plan at ur place is fixed .. im bringing along the abs pear :D