Saturday, August 11, 2007

St Andrew's Cathedral .. a walk through

Am headed out to an evening show of 'The King and I'. Palli's entry into Singapore has made life better in many ways :) Wanted to blog about the morning tour she and I took through the St Andrews Cathedral in City Hall this morning ... but i ended up sleeping through the afternoon. There was this time a few months back that sleep was just SO tough to summon on will... and now i guess i just tire myself to the point where i slump into bed every evening feeling blessed to be able to sleep .. am even able to sleep at weird hours of the day ... pray it lasts ...

The only thing that hit me (and I figured I really wanted to say out loud) is despite being a fair bit of a believer in God and a big fan of churches and temples, the last time i visited church was in early Jan this year ... 8 months to be precise ... and a visit to the temple was only when I accompanied mom on her Saturday ritual when i went home in July. Shameful? I don't know. I don't judge others or myself by these standards, but that feeling of being constantly in His protection and sphere of knowledge is somehow not the same as it used to be once upon a time.

And the nostalgia that hit when i walked into the Cathedral, was weird and unexpected. High roof, painted glass panels, peace and quiet. So much baggage that we convince ourselves we've shed, and then suddenly there's new challenges on that task that crop up out of nowhere.

More with pictures of the cathedral once im back from the play.


Still searching said...

King and I... awww.. so nice!

I've not been to a temple for ages either... I can't remember the last time I went.. I guess I just believe that if you need to be "in touch" with God, it can be anywhere.. I was also feeling a little disconnected in the past few months, but have gotten some of that feeling back of late, and am thankful for it!

Came to your blog through Ganju's and liked it :)

unpredictable said...

Still searching: Thanks for dropping by! Always wonderful to see new faces :)

The King and I was pretty nice .. it dragged on for a bit .. but overall decent ..

I think ive secretly spent a lot of time blaming and questioning God vs praying recently .. am just about starting to go back to my daily routine of saying thanks ..

Loved Ganju's blog .. and just visited urs too .. will keep dropping by :)