Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Random thoughts ...

Of steps, non steps and broken ankles
Palli broke her leg this morning. Ok lets make it sound less fatal and more real, she did some stepping off a step without realizing there wasn't really another step below the aforementioned step and if you didn't follow all that, it doesn't matter anyway- key takeaway is that she ended up spraining an ankle.
Vijay and I did a surprise thing to cheer her up, all this after the cheap senti she gave me on gtalk as i logged out of office to run to her house, not realizing we were rushing to see HER! Woman, the very caring Pangal notwithstanding, we do hope we made u smile through the bloated ankle this evening :)

Of brilliant songs
We all have our list right, the one that goes favorites/ favs/ favs1/ favs2 (you get the drift eh?) on itunes and sundry other music players?
Most songs are special coz they come with special stories. Some worth remembering, others struggling to be forgotten (all depends on how memorable the story is obv)
Despite the 2 long posts once done on some ultra special songs and their stories, here's my list of other special songs...

To induce happy expression and moon away ....
Wonderwall - Oasis (i know someone introduced me to this song, bleddy cannot rbbr!)
1000 miles - Vanessa Carlton (terrible video, lovely meaningful song)
Feel - Robbie Williams (hot black tea in my hand, sitting alone by a cold window shedding secret tears over 'Kite Runner' and wondering how i NEVER hrd Robbie ever before...)
Love fool - Cruel Intentions OST (i can imagine the singer with a pixie haircut for some reason!)
Can't fight the moonlight - OST for Coyote Ugly (this is fantastic to sing along, strong 'Sharmili in SG' memories)
More than words - Extreme (wat a!)
One on One - Robert Miles (one of the 1st english songs i EVER heard)
Linger - Cranberries (Sumedha, thanks! We do have sim tastes in music :) Wat work will get done on Ariel at this rate say?)
Californication - Red hot chilli peppers (1st song i heard on the IIMB campus)
Comfortably Numb - (They invented this brilliant phrase with the song didn't they?)

To hum along in Hindi ...
Jaane Do - Cheeni Kum (God! this is lovely... although Lalitha gives me threat of death if i play this more than once)
Tu bin bataye - RDB (sigh .. need i say anything? such content expressions, such solid stable love, how? what? where?)
Guzar na jaye - Rog (Sumedha again ...)
Bol na halke halke- JBJ (Rainy day, green view from the window, me with cuppa chai drinking in more than the tea)
O saathi re - Omkaara (Mogambo, OUR song yes ? :-) Wat lyrics, wat melody, the only song i can claim has 'texture': velvety, silken and 'scent': first rains on dry earth)

To headbang and party away...
Jhoom - JBJ (Sur aur taal ka anokha mishran :D)
RDB - The OST (Sets even the filipinos at work dancing away :D)
And some more i don't rbbr!!! Clearly im not quite the party animal yet! :D
Ok sleep beckons now ... meaningless post after meaningless post is taxing on the system still!


Anonymous said...

Wat a. Mogambo is max khush on blog mention double-whammy. Woohoo!
And Mogambo has date for you.. Oh yes Mogambo does. :) But the badass Mogambo will tell you only when you tell Mogambo when you are to be flying yuvarself hiyur for some takkar times. (*sinister laughter ensues and fades off*)


Anonymous said...

Texture. :) That is an outstanding one-word description of that song. I wish I had thought of it. Its just... it is a supreme wat a. Bravo.


Anonymous said...

Hey di!
The first thing I did this morning was hobble over to my sofa on reasonably sore foot, and come check your blog. And thanks a ton - you guys did make me smile and feel a looot better! If it was not for the absence of gifts, I would have thought it was my birthday yesterday :-)
- L
PS - And yes, I AM happy I have all of you in Singapore, very caring Pangal included. Life could've been quite a bummer otherwise :-)

Horsie said...

pink floyd is almost GOD-like :).
ever heard dire straits? even they have some fantastically soulful numbers...

Quirky Quill said...

ok, since the other reco's worked great- here are 3 more:
1. Buy me a rose by Kenny Rogers
2. Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen
3. More piya to hain pardes (Bandit Queen OST)