Sunday, August 12, 2007

A view from the window ....

Yeah, so i'm not a brilliant photographer .. but that isnt the point of this post! That's the pretty morning view the new house has gifted me ... an incredible breeze + peace of mind guaranteed :)

And that's the view from the living room.

Our house in Bombay, atleast the last one we've moved to 7 years ago or so had this view of the hills seperating western and central Mumbai on the left, and if u craned ur neck hard enough, a view of Gorai creek far on the right. When monsoon arrived, we were always the 1st ones to know, coz the mountain would blend into the inky darkness of the sky behind and all outlines would vanish. That's when we'd know it was time to get out the umbrellas :)

I've spent many many hours at that equivalent of a French window studying for exams, downing sweet cuppa teas during breaks, indulging in my only hobby then - music, long calls with friends and evening conversations with mom when she was back from work and I had the occassional spurt of goodness to make her a cup of coffee without cribbing about how much I had to study!

Funny thing is, all these window activities were limited to prep leave periods (typically the month before an exam that you sit at home and make up for the non - studying sins of the entire term that went by) and post exam vacations (which in engineering are a sad 2 to 3 weeks) so my strongest memories are still of struggling with fundae at the window and then reaching give up point when i saw how pretty the horizon looked and realized how much easier it was to ponder over life and sundry others vs. mugging for a meaningless exam :D (Don't ya worry, i passed my exams just fine despite all this!)

7 years down, and i'm back to enjoying my Sunday cup of tea plus the window view. :) Life indeed comes full circle :D


Vish said...

thats a window view to die for

I like the fact that yours is a grill less window too :)

unpredictable said...

Temme about it! Add to it a rainy weekend and u have an almost hill station view :)

Oh its a grilled view alright .. i just leave them open sometimes :D