Thursday, August 09, 2007

It doesn't get any cuter than this ...

Conversation between me and ex boss A on communicator, the msn eqv within P&G:

A (2.17 pm): Hi

(an hour passes before I get back to my laptop from back to back meetings and see the msg)

Me (3.15 pm): Hi
A: Hi
ME: (long pause)
A:(long pause)
Me: (still pausing)
A: Was I the one who sent the original Hi?
Me: Ermmm .. yep!
A: Hmmmmmmm
A: [emoticon for questioning expression = raised eyebrow]
A: [emoticon for confused expression = :S]
Me: (having deduced with my sherlock abilities that A clearly has ZERO recollection of why he pinged me in the 1st place) Its OK ...just tell me when you remember ...:)
A: Yeah, ill ping you if and when i rbbr ... forgot why i pinged :S
Me: (he's just as human as the rest of us .. hurrah!) Sure thing .. ill be around only .. :)
A: cool :) see you then ..
Me: Cya!

And thus I love my bosses ... ALL of them .. THIS is what they call halo effect! :DDD


Monsieur K said...
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Monsieur K said...

Hiiiiiiiiii!! :)))))

unpredictable said...

Hiiii :) and for the record .. u said that first! :D