Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chai and naashta!

Weekday mornings are usually a crazy blur ...
....wake up wondering how the gradually diminishing sleep quota will affect my dark circles in the long run
....steal a look at the visage of 'God' in my room and promise him ill spend more time with him soon, for now thanks, sorry and all that
....check mail, feel good that there's 2 people somewhere reading the blog and even commenting!
....morning ablutions, and yes, ill spare u the details
....get dressed in a vain attempt to look like some of those perfectly done up women who look dapper no matter what (what's with my unruly mane that makes me a twin of a shaggy dog within an hour of reaching office?)
...usually gulp a banana and some juice before i make a run for the 9 am bus

Now weekday WFH (work from home) mornings are quite a different thing altogether! :D
.....wake up at 8 am and hurrah over the 'no need for a bath or travel' highlight of the morning! (for the record, im a clean, usually nice smelling person, just that i prefer bathing in the evening to wash off the boredom of the day, aka my campus habits)
.....head st to the laptop. And start work. Work for an hour till like 9 am.
.....break peacefully for a first principle cup of tea with elaichi and ginger (Fancy, I KNOW!!!)
.....make myself hot toast with cheese or peanut butter
.....bring back to table and munch/ drink away as i read through all the blogs linked to mine :) spend a nice relaxed 30 minutes getting charged for the day ...
.... back to work .. productively so!

Most things mastercard/money can buy, but reinvesting the time i spend on travel and getting ready into my weekly dose of morning peace - PRICELESS! :D


Monsieur K said...

an elaichi-ginger chai is a must for what constitutes a perfect morning :)

liked your choice of hindi songs from the previous post.

the other day, i was walking in mumbai rains with the fm radio playing 'zaraa zaraa' in my ears, and it felt really nice - a gr8 way to start the day.

and today morning, i got into a cab who played 'tanhaiii' (DCH) so loudly in my ears, along with some utterly forgotten, rather never heard dil-toot-gayaa-hai-please-koi-fevicol-laao songs that i am amazed how i survived to come to work :D

unpredictable said...

LOL!!!! yeh fevicol type ke gaane mere media player pe sep list mein hain .. for spessiial occassions only :)

Zara zara btw is in my o saathi re category of music .. song with so much feeling and texture :) Don't know how i missed it :)

The P&G bombay office has elaichi chai in a dispenser :( I wantttt

LUCKY said...

me juz had the elaichi chai :) and had two of them in quick succession thinking of you :)

filter coffee for mornings, elaichi- ginger chai for aftys!

@ said...

nice cute post! most people can relate to - you should get into making movies - for me, please a chick flick! :-D

@ said...

just got your hug from Karthik's blog! :-) - thanks babes >:D< to you too!! am in mumbai in 3 days!!! yippieeee - cant wait - :-D

unpredictable said...

EEEKKK .. no !!! I can barely watch chick flicks .. making and all is too much slisha!!!

unpredictable said...

hehehhe .. we can just talk on gtalk u know? Im ONLINE!!!!

Mahogany said...

You are so on the money. And in case you haven't done it yet, try working from home on Mondays. And you're the first person I know (other than me) who has Linger in their favorite song list!

unpredictable said...

GJ: U can add Sumedha to the list of 'Linger' lovers .. somehow never ever managed to wfh on Mondays, felt like too much of a vacation! :D I'm gonna try tht one soon tho ..

unpredictable said...

Lucky Karthik: U bleddy pain .. u know exactly how to make me feel terrible don't you? HMPF!

Viraj Datar said...

heyy... i liked that "chai with elaichi and ginger" part... truly an awesome start u know... just like a nice "paan" is making my days end in an awesome fashion these days :) :)))