Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Paradox at its best ....

There's hungry children all over the world, more so in my own country. I can choose to not notice and not do anything about it. And yet they're there.

Meanwhile, a delegation of visitors run up a food bill of 30000 INR in a fancy restaurant on company expense.

There's people dying as a consequence of the diamond trade in parts of Africa every single day.

Meanwhile women across the world dream about owning a diamond ring that will be the size of their fist.

There's rampant illiteracy in my nation. Child labor where there should be eager 10 year olds going to school. Dark dingy sweatshops instead of bright lights shining down on text books.

Meanwhile, in colleges across the nation, teenagers with access to education, lectures, books and lab facilities bunk classes, sleep through lectures, crib about second rate faculty and use lecture time to catch the latest Bollywood flick.

Women still get treated like second rate shit in many parts of India. When its not violence and physical abuse, its preferential allocation of resources and mental prejudice. When its not in laws paining their DIL to bear a son (please, or should we just get our son married again to a woman who CAN give him a son?) its women getting molested in broad daylight, on the Mumbai Dadar bridge, in Chennai buses, on Delhi streets.

Meanwhile, the government continues to make amends by providing women's reservation in higher educational institutions by which time the woman has crossed most key barriers to making it big and can EASILY just make it on her own merit, thanks very much, instead of having to deal with the irritating tag that reads "Girls Quota".

Cut to my own life ...
My heart and soul light up everytime I'm in the vicinity of children. As i read to them at the library every Saturday, I have this feeling of immense fulfilment, of being whole and of being of use to the planet. I can spend hours with 2 to 6 year olds and not get bored. I lose patience with stupid adults in (give or take) 15 minutes, but im yet to meet a child who I could possibly label 'stupid' or lose patience with even after hours of together time.

Meanwhile, I continue trying to sell more laundry detergent to whoever will buy.

Paradoxical would be an appropriate choice of words now?

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