Monday, August 27, 2007

This one's for you Mogambo!

I'm back in Singapore, and happily so!!! No more sneezing bouts, no more covering my mouth and nose in autos in a feeble (and useless) attempt to protect it from the onslaught of the dust and smoke its so allergic to. I'd love to blog about the whole trip, but its late, i have an early morning work assignment to do and the evening was spent having a good time with the wonderful palli .. so will write more later ... but before i go, just 2 things:

1. I despise - repeat -DESPISE, insinuations about how 'delicate' or 'firang' I am as a response to my mention of the dust in big Indian metros being bad for me.

Its not about having lived in a developed nation and looking down on my own now. Its not about getting spoilt by the cleanliness of Singapore and being unable to 'adjust' or 'cope' with Bangalore. Its about knowing that I have a medical issue with exposure to dust and knowing i don't want to end up in hospital with a case of allergic bronchitis as i did when i was 12 and 14 respectively. Yes, it was a long time back, but no thanks, i'd rather live a safe life than have my sorry ass in a hospital on medication with an IV drip stuck in my arms.

I may look thin (and wtf is people's issue with that anyway? I can pull off the clothes i wear, I have a healthy WBC and RBC count and i can effortlessly run 2 miles a day, so what's so wrong with being 'thin') and that has NOTHING to do with my colds, so kindly stop assuming I'm 'weak' coz im 'thin'.

For the record - I shunned a 3 day stay in a Windsor Manor or a Taj in Bangalore in favor of living on campus (yes - our very own iimb campus with less than average bathrooms, no shower facilities, loos without the 'firang' accesory that is toilet paper, with 3 flights of stairs to drag my 20 kg bag up vs. an elevator or hotel staff to help, with upma/ dosa / local tea for breakfast vs. the lavish spread of a company paid breakfast buffet) and I enjoyed every minute of it.

So kindly give the judgement a break when i say im allergic to dust - I have a health problem, not an attitude problem!

2. I'm seriously tired of losing people to B school. What is with that place anyway? Its like this weird little time warp or black hole that sucks people into it and spews out a mutated version of the people we loved and adored. I'm hardly in a place to judge, having been there, done that. This time round anyway, I've known enough to understand it'll be fine soon. Still, the erstwhile pride and joy of being associated with a b school is coming to be replaced by trepidation and concern for the near and dear ones of those who set out on the journey ... more later ... for now .. just so sick and tired .. does it always have to be this way?


Anonymous said...

for (i=1; i<=n; i++)
cout<< i;

(Simple program module to keep count of people swallowed by that black hole and many others, which tend to gulpify people we like. We are leaving n undefined, therefore.)

I will send it the faaaast e-mail about my deep, insightful and thought provoking opinion on the post. Wat a!


unpredictable said...

Yeah imagine ive been so scared about the n increasing day by day, i even pulled ur IT into a 15 min monologue on how he shud be careful .. paavam him actually sat through it !!!

Also, if u say im too thin when i meet you, ur SO done for.

LUCKY said...

When i did meet you, I did not tell you that you were thin 'coz I was forewarned by your blog.

What is so wrong if someone is genuinely concerned about you? And they wonder why you look 'thin' and ask you about it? I am sure it wouldnt take too much of an effort to tell them that you are hale and hearty and its just a passing phase so something like that.

I am sure all of us make many a polite conversations at work/with acquaintances etc . Making two more polite statements and not getting irritated about it, wouldn't hurt but in turn might make your wellwisher feel nice.

Its my POV. Do think about it!

unpredictable said...

Ravi: This wasnt about u. So relax. There are times and ways of saying this that make me feel real nice about ppls concern. This wasn't one.
Btw - For my well wishers, its a one time comment to me, i have to deal with hearing this from every tom dick and harry!!!
I thought about it as u can very well see! :)

Monsieur K said...

You realise that you are an MBA when you start over-analyzing, even in your day-to-day life.
e.g. This post has 2 bullet points, and is so logically structured - the examples n counter-examples you give to prove that you dont have an attitude problem.

Take a break and relax (easy to say, very difficult to implement).

And dont worry, people jump into the black hole themselves, only to realise their folly much later. :)

SS said...

You run 2 miles everyday? WOW :)

unpredictable said...

Ketan: :) Don't get me wrong, i'm not angry for real, i know i sound like that on some posts, but they're supp to be vent posts --> i write hence im no longer angry :)

ss: Ok i exaggerate! 3 days a week not everyday!