Sunday, August 12, 2007

Of Sundays lost ...

Egh I'm not looking fwd to tomorrow at all ... have to leave on work for the Philippines by 3 pm in the afternoon and HATE the fact that my personal weekend time is being infringed upon by my work. (Yeah im one of THOSE work life balance fanatics!). If it was travel to India, I'd be leaving in the night and reaching later at night, but with Manila we don't have the privilege of a time difference ... gah!

My visa's still not in my hand btw ... i need to drop in at the embassy tomorrow on my way to the airport and pick up my docs ... a couple of months back I'd have been a nervous wreck thinking about it ... now i've thought about it only now .. as i blog ... and it hasn't bothered me yet. How things change!

Spending the next one week in Manila and then on work in India .. so ill be gone for 2 weeks from my home here ... hopefully will still continue to blog ... esp in Manila coz there won't be too many people (except my daily online angels) to talk to and not talking is as good as jumping into a wild overflowing river (yeah, i can't swim yet) as far as im concerned.

I know I promised to put up the Cathedral pics, but connecting the cam etc feels like too much work. That's the other thing i've recently become - Lazy!!! :D

But the biggest change i think vs past 6 months (apart from the ability to find sleep easily, to not fret over little things and indulge in laziness) is the ability to just sit around and do nothing. My mind used to be like Orchard Road in Singapore. Flooded with traffic forever and not a silent moment ever! Its always been like that. I'd always be looking somewhere outside to find something to occupy me. Making plans by calling people. Chatting. Even waiting for people in other time zones to wake up so i could speak to them. (Yeah, what a loser!!!!) Dropping visits. Blah. Am finally able to just be on my own and entertain a vacant mind. Am able to do that enviable activity of playing music and just listening. NOT cleaning. NOT cooking. NOT tidying up. NOT planning. Just being. Its a wonderful feeling. Avid CMKer that I am, am tracking to see how long it lasts. :)

I'm going to make up for my time lost tomorrow with an extra half day off sometime in the year. God knows with my grand plans for a big vacation (surprise, this one will unveil in a month or 2!!!) I'll need it more than just want it for kicks :D

Till then, ill stop lamenting the loss of a day that hasn't even begun and plunge back into Harry Potter 6 .. i've forgotten all about horcruxes and how D'dore got his hand charred like that ... so adios everyone!!


SS said...

I love Orchard Road :) I lived around there a few years ago.

Have a good trip!

unpredictable said...

:) wow .. u mustve been ricchhhh to be able to afford living there .. either way .. orchard is such a hub of activity :)
Thanks! I will ...

SS said...

Ha ha, not me. my dad :)