Friday, August 10, 2007

Validation .... in all forms ..

Watched Chak De India ... walked in with bated breath as we usually do with much hyped movies that proudly show off SRK ... for once, we walked out exhilerated and craving for more :) The movie delivers a punch .. right to your heart ... makes you proud to be an Indian, makes you (makes me!) proud of those women who went from 'belan' weilding nothings to the nation's 'shaan' and gives you a quick yet effective crash course in the spirit of sportsmanship.

Unrelated fact: I have this age old funda that a man is best judged by his behavior on field. Its the most 'real' form of him where every facet of his personality is open for all to see with no charm and no wit to hide behind. To understand you need to see Nayak on field :) Brilliantly talented yet humble to the core and a true team player, an absolute delight to watch! (yeah - who said this isn't biased! :P)

But I digress. Chak De India does all that i mentioned up there ... and more.. yet the one thing i took away from the movie was the 10 second shot after the girls defend the most critical goal that leads them into victory and the camera zooms in on SRK. There's just one word writ on his face - Validation.

Of having being wronged and undoing it all with this one victory. Of redeeming the rejection and the pain that he was put through despite the best that he gave to his role. Validation that he will finally have the ability to hold his head up and know that it didn't all go to waste.

Its very coincidental (or maybe my mind is just in that place where it's twisting everything i see to fit this theory) that just 2 days ago, SS wrote this lovely post about finding her own validation. Read it, and you'll know the parallel.

The situation and setting are fairly different, yet the principle behind both the movie and her post is the same. Of being denied appreciation and acknowledgement of one's goodness in some way and then finally getting it as it is deserved. But she's right. Not all of us are destined to find it. Maybe we should just be happy for those who do :) Maybe THAT's our validation :)


srikant said...

shit..I can be paying you for the footage :-) things that love forces one to do/say :p

But ya..I loved the movie as well. for a whole lot of other reasons. Im just a sucker for sports movies and to top it the casting was brilliantly done. dont u think preeti sabarwal looked like Ashima? (sudiptas sister ashima)

unpredictable said...

:) yeah love is strange :) but im saying this dil se really ... ur a pleasure to watch on field

As for Preeti Sabarwal, oh man she totally looked like Aashima! I kept thinking through the movie, this babe looks like someone i know .. and jus cudnt put my finger on it! U rock with face mapping!! :D