Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Before i forget ...

The wonderful Kavita who came into all our lives like an aforementioned wave of utter enthusiasm and joy has officially made it to a B school - INSEAD Singapore to be more specific!! :D I don't know if im happier for her having made it after everything she's been through, or just for myself - to be able to have her a local call away and catch her every weekend for coffee just feels like too much of a blessing. :D

Kavs, congrats!!! You so deserve this after all the tough choices you made. I hope that anyone you missed dropping a msg to reads this and shares your happiness like we are right now :D Love ya! (((()))))


d said...

talk abt ppl being eaten up by B school back hole... r u really happy???

unpredictable said...

d: Yes i am. I asked myself that qn too, but tts simpler than that actually :)
Losing these ppl is a personal loss, even if i lament it later, doesn't take away in any way from the fact that they deserve it and good things are finally happening to them and that they're getting what they've always wanted. That in itself is worthy of real happiness no?