Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Shaadi Vaadi done!

2 very good women just announced news of their wedding. Sanchita just wrapped up the wedding in Calcutta (in great ishtyle im sure) :-) and M, the sweetest woman in my batch (this is without a doubt, find me ONE person who contests this, and ill buy you a house!) pinged me today to let me know she's found someone as well, engagement in Dec, shaadi next yr. All this after last nite's news of Kavita making it to Insead is slisha too much overload of happiness for my system. :-) But yes anyway, the theme for the day, esp after that long talk with M and finding Sanchi online today, is Shaadi Vaadi done!!! :D

Mogambo dearest, you're next i think. I've already gotten a June 1st 2008 date from one friend, and M has June plans as well. If you really really and truly truly (this is extremely irritating P&G CMK Lingo!) want me there, send off dates sooonnn!!! :D

Anymore dates coming up?


@ said...

how about remembering and marking Dec 6th? Huh!

unpredictable said...

:) Will do .. but i know i wont have a chance to visit then .. so happy wedding! :)