Monday, June 18, 2007

Things the world should never be without ....

Personal favorites, add on through comments if you think i've been dastardly enough to skip something obvious.

- Friends, the special few who bring a big big smile to your face simply through a thought, even from a distance, even across the miles, through the incredible words and moments you've shared with them that have seeped into your very system and will never leave you in your darkest or brightest moments :)

- Family, you can count on them even when you think you're completely and totally alone and lost, they reenter your life, the same people that you believed you didn't appreciate enough and hence had lost, little did you know they were standing around waiting silently for you to need them again, they know you like no one does and they love you more than anyone ever can :)

- Books, especially those with the ability to transport you past your current reality into a magical world that was otherwise deemed unattainable. The world of all things impossible - perfect men, unconditional love and fat free cheese to name a few :)

- Music, the kind that can permeate through the thickest skin, bring to 'tapping point' the most immobile toes, decorate the most inexpressive face with the rare smile, that can bring the best moments of your life flashing through your mind through closed eyes like in a motion picture .. and you can rewind and play and rewind and play as much as you like :)

- Rains, of all kinds, the light drizzle that sends tingles down your spine with its feather like touch, the yet to come shower that holds the clouds at that brilliant gray and the trees at an equally brilliant contrasting green and lets the breeze waft past gently waking up senses that were asleep so far, the heavy downpour that threatens to wash you away with its sheer force and yet leaves you standing having renewed your respect for nature and its power :)

- Chocolates, plain, with nuts, with fruits, with caramel fillings, white and brown and black, that guarantee an instant endorphin rush without having to trudge your weary system uphill on that treadmill :)

- Yellow lamps, that mimic a new sunset in my room every evening, that shed just enough light to illuminate without revealing too much, that like the perfect woman find the right balance between spilling secrets and keeping them, to concoct the ultimate potion of elusive mystery that keeps you captivated forever :)

- Words, the most magical thing of all, seemingly random permutations and combinations of letters that when in the right hands, can convey love or hate, anger or glee, disappointment or jubilation, that sometimes, in writing, can say so much more than phone calls or facial contortions, that can touch the hearts of complete strangers with an intensity rarely fathomed, that can build bridges when used well as much as they can burn them when misused.

And truly, my words make me who I am, especially to you, the reader, sitting across a screen, wherever you are. They paint a picture of me more vivid than the one that even the eyes in my vicinity can see. Simply cause I let you see and whatever I will you to see. Imagine what a power that is :)


Eastertide said...

Beautiful. I think I will catch on this lamp craze of yours soon. Beautiful.

Ever thought of a bottle of morning dew, a cape of stars, a stitch of the horizon and a pocketful of stardust? :-)

SS said...

Hey, that was good :) For me personally, it would have to be the internet. Oh and the telephone too! Being in touch is such a basic need that my life would lack a lot of lustre without either.

unpredictable said...

Eastertide: You should come over once ive set up the new place :) And those r lovely thoughts, maybe they deserve mention on ur own blog :)

SS: As i said in my mail, how could i miss those 2! The internet and telephone kept me alive thru the last yrs in a new city away fm home :) Can never undermine them :) Thanks for reminding :)

@ said...

Thank you for being what you are and doing what you do!:-)

unpredictable said...

@: We have quite the mutual admiration fan club going dont we? :)

Sharmili said...

A simple but an awesome post about the most basic and necessary things one shud never give up in life.... Its funny - how we never really understand simle things in life and run behind money and other materialistic pleasures to make us happy...

Of course dont forget the 2 that SS mentioned :))))))))