Friday, June 22, 2007

Decode this ...

Yes, there's exhaustion, but there's also been some of the coolest professional moments in the last month or so .. moving to a new business is exciting to say the least, my brain cells erstwhile feared dead seem to have woken up and are kicked about their 3rd birthday or so :)

There's been loads of shopping and spending time with loved ones. Movies, hitting hot spots in town, eating out and all of tht ...

There's been recognition at work, starting out on new ventures (like a new blog) and singing lessons seem to be going well with me putting in tons of practice before classes ..

And yet the thing that brings the biggest grin to my face each time i think about it is the thought of a 3 year old Mr Orko from my condo this morning, looking at me and screaming my name with delight ... "SUDHAAAAA ... I'm going to school... by bus .. do u wanna come with me??" .. too bad i had to say no coz its the only bus that doesnt take me to my work place .. and i sadly declined ... but he remembered moi name :) Or the thought of the 2 Yr old Mr Ronit who leaves his nanny and fails to notice his dad back from work coz he spotted his cool girlfriend 'Saada' across the lawn :)

Methinks that teaching career idea's been in the oven too long now :) If there's other implications, im too scared to think about them!!! :D Waddaya think???


Vish said...

i feel teaching is at par or even more than arts and other "creative" things that give immense self satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

Honestly speaking, I'd believe u r fairly creative and have suff verbal eloquence.. My thoughts.. Ur blog has to be more outward looking than inward.. and it will invite far more junta if you can write abt diff and interesting stuff.. than abt your own erpsonal life.. end of the day it's your call... to treat it a personal diary why blog? you might as well write it on a piece of paper.. however u are entitled to differ..

shiv said...

a) Disagree with what anonymous has written!

b) Im sure u can teach part time ya - take 8 o clock lectures at some junior school - or weekend stuff..

unpredictable said...

Vish: yes i will do the drama thing i promise!!! sometime in life if not now ... enough hinting has happened!! :)

Anon: Interesting and true comment urs, but its deliberate, this blog is how many frnds keep in touch with my life in singapore ... and im not the most outward person anyway, tho theres scope to start writing more about outside things ... agree with tht :) leave a name next time ..

Shiv: U disagree tht im creative and eloquent? or that blog is too inward??? I guess the 2nd considering ur a nice guy and all .. so thanks! Ill actively explore the part time option .. u know ne contacts?

Y said...

Hi there,

Piping up to say I also disagree that your blog, or any blog for that matter, has to be 'outward looking' :-)..or that it 'has to be' anything!

It's just a lot more fun when everyone writes what they feel.

Also, thanks for your comment and the link to the Mad Momma's blog, was nice of you- had recently discovered her blog somehow and really do enjoy reading it :-)