Saturday, June 02, 2007

Life comes full circle doesn't it?

Over the last few days a friend Y and I made this interesting observation. That the way i treat Y is very different from the way i treat another friend that i love tremendously, lets call this friend X for the sake of argument (and to simplify my already 'threatening to be complicated' post).

Observation: I treat Y the same way X treated me always. And that Y constantly treats me the same way i treated X. To give an example, Y is so open with displays of affection and so comfortable with expressing love for me, and i was just the same with X. On the other hand, I tend to get overwhlemed by Y's affection and maybe even react undesirably to it by belittling it or sometimes wishing it away, and we noted that X tended to do that to me.

Wait, the engineer in me is protesting to this verbal dilution of simple mathematical logic

In terms of how the reservation with expressiveness flows
X--> Me --> Y

And in terms of how comfort with expressing love flows
Y--> Me --> X

And I can map this out with various values of X and Y. I'm pretty sure that eventually it all cancels out so that the amount we express with 50% of our friends is negated perfectly by how reserved we are with our expression of love with the other 50%.

Conclusion: Life comes full circle.

Note to all: I wish i could claim to temporary insanity when i wrote this post. Unfortunately, my mind works like this even when im perfectly sane. :-) If ur counting urself as lucky to not know me from close quarters, I won't blame you! :-)

Note to Y: I love you anyway. The verbal person that I am, I'm probably just better at expressing in words than in gestures. Words come easier over the phone, so im sorry that i come across as a frigid ass sometimes at close quarters :-) but u have to admit, im a lovable ass nevertheless :D


Sharmili said...

well, i guess the same Y does the same thing to many Xs...

full circle - good point... but i dont think it alwys cancels out... some Ys have 60 give and 40 take or vice versa...

as i always say - its circumstantial, people specific and perception specific...

Anonymous said...

What about Z?

nutan said...

hmmm.... nice post!!

ollie said...

What about me, W, do you love me too??!!!