Saturday, June 09, 2007

And you didn't believe me when I said i have only 5 pairs of shoes!

All i can say is ... shamu .. take this one!!! Lets see if u can beat me!! :)

You Are 8% Girly

Um... you're a guy, right? If not, you're the most boyish girl in the world.
And for you, that's probably the ultimate compliment.

Btw, just to be clear, none of my women friends are likely to score any higher, and im proud of that as well!!!


Sharmili said...

i am at a loss of words... i am 12% girley :((((( i cant imagine that i am more girley than u... i hope u have not cheated ;)

unpredictable said...

LOLLL!!! I didnt lie cheapo!! OR cheat .. che! the accusations on my character i have to deal with i tell u .. tsk!

Kunal said...

Of course she cheated !! No way my li'll sister can be so manly :)

And if didnt then from now on ur my li'll bro :)

@ said...

I am 56% girly

"You're a little girly, a little boyish, and probably a whole lot indie.
You have your own unique style, and it pretty much defies gender lines."

WTH is that supposed to mean?? both girlie and boyiee? ickky!

Shahana said...

24% soiiieeeeee :-)