Monday, June 11, 2007

I feel bluuuuuuueeeeeeeee.... :-(

When in IIMB, we had tests every saturday. After i got back to my room post a mindboggling quiz, which i was usually pretty sure i'd flunk, know what id do to get an instant feeling of achievement and exhilaration? Id CLEAN!!! Id bring in the broom and the mop and clean out my room myself. We had the age old 'bai's to help us, but i liked to keep my room clean myself. A very Monica like trait that, i know! :-) So id sweep, and wipe and mop and clean until my room looked shiny and i looked haggard enough to step in for a shower that was meant to cleanse the remnants of a bad test right out!!! :)

I haven't done that ever since i got here to Singapore coz the temptation was somehow always to outsource the cleaning. Yesterday, although, it felt like too much gunk of all sorts had accumulated in the system in general. So thought id do some cleaning on my own. Enlisted the help of a very able Ms Rose (the household help) of course, and we cleaned out my room together, muchas satisfied i was at the end of it all!!!

And now i have the worst cold in the world!! :( I forgot completely that im allergic to dust, and vigorously rubbed away dust balls from the mattresses and shelves. And in the process gave myself a terrible headache, a swollen and runny nose and a terrible demeanor that threatens to devour anybody who disagrees with anything! :O Im so blue!! :( I want mummy and her hot rasam chaadam with turmeric laced milk and i wanna curl up and sleeepppppp :(

Well, if u know me well, u also know my penchant for drama by now. So excuse my choice of words that indicate im on the brink of death. I'm very ill but ill be fine by end of this week surely. And life is good overall, except for one minor glitch.

I turn 26 at the end of this month. I normally look forward to birthdays with inexplicable enthusiasm coz there's always something to look forward to. This year has jus been a mix of the biggest highs and the worst lows and somewhat of an excess for my system at times. I'm not looking forward to completing the 25th year of my life coz i have too many life goals still hanging incomplete and nowhere close to being achieved. But turn 26 i have to. I've charted out one escape route, im going away on the weekend of my birthday to a city away from Singapore. A simple 2 day trip that's supposed to keep me from getting blue on the eve on my birthday. (To be honest my choice of city couldn't have gotten worse. It carries more baggage than any other!! But 2 incredibly good friends i havent met in way too long live there, and tickets were not too expensive so im going anyway!)

Now here's the thing. I want to be able to make this month seriously exciting and memorable. I have some lead thoughts, but i need help. So im putting out a blanket RFP (Request for Proposals - on ideas NOT on matrimony mind you!) for simple things to do through the month of June so it can all culminate in a great birthday at the end of the month.

Comment away!!! And TIA (Thanks in Advance!)


Sharmili said...

u shud learn to play squash... And considering you have access to all equipments till the end of this month - its something new, something different and something to get rid of your blues :)

what say??

unpredictable said...

very valid pt .. esp with Sandeep coming over for 10 days, i think itll be a good way to spend time with my brother :) altho right now with my bad cold, im apalled at the thot of jus getting out of bed .. so it seems too distant .. but yes will do!

Anonymous said...

Wanna check this out??

srikant said...

You could -
1. have a flower pot in ur room and nurture it. I dunno what flower grows in bedrooms, but im sure u can look around.

2. do one thing for leo that he hasnt done till date and wud love it. (besides getting him a bitch) mebbe take him to botanical garden?

3. think of something to take back to iimb, since those've been the pivotal yrs in ur life.

will tell u when i think of more things..

shiv said...

a) Work till at least 10 pm in offc every night

b) In whatever time u have left, cook for some poor elmira boys

In case u dont like that stuff, try this - I use this to make myself feel better sometimes:

- make sure no meal is alone this month - unless u abso have to

- Do 1 wild thing this month - maybe sign up for a diving course (or lets not get that wild - swimming maybe)

- Go out and make 3 new good frends this month - could just be knowing some 'also exists' ppl better

- Pamper urself with food, clothin and the rest of stuff.. in short splurge

- Go partying every single weekend!

Monsieur K said...

Have a cup of hot ginger tea to drive the cold away.
Walk barefoot on the dew-laden grass in the early morning & pick up some wildflowers to decorate your room.
Plan a trip to campus with some of your batchmates, and if they cant come, then go there nevertheless n surprise your friend Shamu who's joining IIMB (hope she isnt reading this comment) :D
And before I forget, wish you a very happy birthday in advance :)

unpredictable said...

BM: I could have u ask me how im doing since ive been uh u know .. generally sick and down with the flu for 2 days now and u havent seemed to notice! Outside of that, im not going to iimb anytime soon and im avoiding leo coz his owner's acting strange around me, but the flowers sound nice ... maybe in my new house

unpredictable said...

Shiv: Dude those r some really cool ideas!!!
1. Eating alone at dinner will happen for another cpl of days atleast till bro lands, but lunches im already makin sure i dont do alone..
All the rest are very real, very useful and very actionable!!! Ill pakka do! Thanks!!! :D

unpredictable said...

Ketan: Thanks so much!
lets see, Ginger tea - done! Walking in the dew will drive out more than jus illness induced blues, this is a brillianto idea!! :D Campus trip, maybe sometime later in the yr, hopefully combined with work :) Dont get shamus hopes up pls.. i dont think she's quite pleased with me right now as it is! :D

Anonymous said...

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