Thursday, June 07, 2007

A trip in pictures ....

A picture is worth a 1000 words apparently, so ill shut up and let the pics talk ... :-)

Elmira Heights .... and 2 very very cool women in sepia :D

With 2 women, can shopping be far behind??? The Singapore sale, Ladies and Gentlemen! :D

God's very own canvas, and the paintbrush of my mind :-)

Sunset, water and a lovely breeze....

Partner in crime and responsible caretaker rolled into one, presenting the incredible Nayak :-)

Terrible shaky snap, but a lovely riverside view nevertheless ... :-)

Trust the woman to take random snaps, did you know that dinosaurs were not from the Jurrassic era after all? :-)

She can run, can hide, can even dive, can't escape me though :-) Suicide is illegal woman!!! :P

Some gray, some green and much most happiness induced thus ... anything better than a cloudy evening by the waterfront? I say not!!!

And maybe some more later :)


Sharmili said...


thats all i can say woman!! u r the best :)))))

srikant said...

atleast dont call me a woman shamu!! :p

Nice one Sudha.. i liked the cheerful tone to it! :)

xena said...

i liked ur cheerful tone too!!! as BM mentioned!

Monsieur K said...

nice fotos! seems like u had a fabulous time :D
adding to wot ppl above me mention, keep that face cheerful always :)