Thursday, September 13, 2007

Quirks anyone?

Y put up a hilarious post in keeping with her tradition of hilarious and hilariouser posts where she confessed to some very interesting quirks. Thing is, i'm so inspired to write about my own, and although i even know i have hajaar quirks, i either cannot remember most of them now, or have just lost many of the adorable ones (fine, more like psycho ones!) over the last few years. I'm gonna give it a shot anyway coz it promises to be a funny post and all our lives, esp mine, could do with humor anytime and everytime! :D

1. I cannot stand to see people's palms on a restaurant table right before they commence eating. Visions of germs and bacteria and the like cloud my vision causing me to cringe/ make faces/ roll eyes/ screech with vicious intensity that they take their hands off the table. (It comes from my father's constant nagging of us when we did the same as kids). Kinky ALWAYS does this when we go out together to eat (usually we hit low tier places where the tables aren't exactly covered with freshly laundered table cloth) and 6 out of 10 times that we go out, I drive him sullen and angry to the point of abandoning what he was saying and cribbing about my (un)adorable eccentricity. He also passes on this knowledge about Unpred to whoever accompanies us to dinner/ lunch, resulting in it being a not-so-secret quirk anymore.

2. I can't stand to see people having things inserted into their skin, be it a needle (EEEK!) or a scalpel (OMG! OUCH! FREAKK!) or even so much as another person's fist (read fights in movies) I cannot stand the sight. I avoid most violent movies for this reason, and if forced to go watch, spend most of the time with eyes closed asking the person beside me to let me know when its safe to open my eyes. Now you know that NOT doing medicine was more like a default option than a thought-through choice!

3. Sleep simply does not come easy to me. If it does, it's always waiting to make a run! This runs in the family. A sliver of light through the window, under the door, flimsy curtains etc are enough to wake me up/ not let me sleep. Even the most minute sounds such as typing on a keyboard, a moving chair and the door bell are enough to wake me up. (My bro and I shared a room for a good 15 years, he has MANY crib stories for anyone who wants to know more!) I have thick red cotton curtains for this very reason. And living away from home has only spoilt me more than ever before as far as silence is concerned!

4. Even until a year back, i couldn't stand dishes in the sink unwashed. I HAD to wash them. (Yes, Monica like visions floating in ur mind would be considered appropriate right now) Now a simple rinse later, I can leave them until the maid comes in and does the washing. It doesn't bother me. Back then, it SO did!

5. It used to scare the crap out of me when people got off Indian trains at a station on the way (Like say at Mathura between Mumbai and Delhi) and I'd know that std waiting time was less than 5 minutes. I spend most of my energy screaming at them to get right back in or they'd miss the train. This I've acquired from my folks. (Oh, DON'T even get me started on the family quirks, you'll just refuse to associate with us :D). I've gotten over this one as well having imbibed the "Don't need to break head over other people's stupidity" principle pretty well.

6. Sleeping in the afternoon puts me in a sullen mood. I SWEAR, I don't know why! But on a weekend afty if i decide i need a nap and wake up at like 6 pm, I'm the most moody, silent antithesis of my usual talkative self. I cannot explain this and am still looking for someone to blame it on/ trace it back to. (Family isn't exactly coming to my rescue this once!)

7. I cry when i get drunk (the 4 - 5 times a year that I DO get drunk). Rivers and rivers of tears. I cry out of happiness. I cry out of sadness (real and imagined). But I cry. English doesn't quite capture the expression 'Phoot phoot ke rona' but that's what I'm like when i get drunk enough :) If you're with me at times like this (which is unlikely unless you're a very very close friend, this special spectacle is reserved for a special few :D), please to not panic or be afraid for my well being. Its like annual spring cleaning for my mind and soul. I'll be good as new post the outburst, so don't lose heart (or sanity!) in the meantime. :D

Edited to add at Palli and Kinks' insistence respectively:
7. Sometimes (I Repeat, ONLY sometimes!) I snort when i laugh. This is ONLY when my guard is down and I'm around really familiar people and I laugh with no care for the world. Its a deep delightful sound (even if only to my own ears!!) and ends with a little snort, sometimes. Used to be reason for plenty of ROTFLing when we were in IIMB. Now only Palli has the pleasure of ROTFLing to it.

8. Apparently I'm always in the middle of smsing someone. Even when I'm in the midst of company, apparently I don't hesitate to take calls and smses. I think it has something to do with my fetish for staying connected. Also my fetish for truly instant messaging (meaning i cannot NOT reply to sms ASAP). Sigh .. whoever knew digging into one quirk would uncover so many new ones ...

9. Like Palli, I cannot stand wet bathroom floors. Its OK to have the shower area wet, its OK to have sink wet, however for bathrooms that have a designated shower area, the rest of floor needs to be clean and dry. Wet Floor --> Higher chances of brown footprints being left over when you walk in and out. So my bathroom has one bathmat inside and 2 outside despite the fact that it gets cleaned 3 times a week. What did you say? You don't clean your bathroom most of the time? Emm...don't wonder too much why i keep declining your invitation to come over then! (Now just like Palli, I'm sorry, I love you simply for reading this blog.. don't scamper away muttering 'spooky weird mad woman' even if that's what I am!)

And that's all i can remember. If any of you think I've missed something critical, then point it out ONLY if its funny. NOT needed otherwise (in case it wasn't clear, that IS a warning!) :)

And I tag my usual enthu cutlet blogger friends (this is what they call fake motivation - bleddy most of them rarely even blog, still i need to call them enthu cutlets!) to write about their quirks. For the sake of specificity, that means - SS, Samesh, Ketan, Vish, Harika, Palli, Amaresh, Ravi, Shiv and Nuts to write about THEIR quirks. (Yes, I'm taking you ALL down WITH me :D)


Atticus said...

#5 is something we experienced on our Blore-Bbay journey, and it was hilarious when we played a prank on Unpred, getting down at the station and then aboarding another compartment secretly! I was told that Unpred's face on learning that we had missed the train was a treat to watch! :)))))

thanks for tagging me!! fake motivation eh! ^*(&*(&(

unpredictable said...

Ohh bleddy Mehtasa!!! I rbbr tht.. i do! That was registration day at IIMB you ass and i was SO worried these guys would miss it and not get admitted ! Kameeenaa .. And hello ... blogging once in 2 weeks hardly qualifies as 'enthu cutletism'! (Atleast ur blogging this much but!) :D

Penguin said...

yakka!! You didn't put your snorting in the quirks!! (Before people start thinking you snort cocaine, let me clarify that this refers to you snorting when you laugh). The things I have to do to make people understand. Che!

Monsieur K said...

interesting set of quirks you have!
i am tempted to blog about mine. but then again, i guess i am just too lazy. so, lemme just mention them here in the comment. ;-)
here are a couple of them:
#1: i used to remember numbers quite well - be it phone numbers, license plates - have managed to surprise quite a few bunch of ppl by rattling off their gaadi ka no!

#2: these days, i love playing with the stopwatch on my cell phone - try to stop it every 5 seconds, and then check the deviation in terms of .01secs off the 5-sec steps.

Vish said...

ohh - bathrooms, trains gets duplicated/triplicated or whatever "cated" i guess. They will appear in mine too.

unpredictable said...

L: Yakka .. i put in finally. My chance at finding super smart hunk is rapidly declining too as i see it. You're accelerating the fall you pain!

Ketan: LAZY BUM!!! Pehle to itna bhaav khaao .. getting tagged and all .. and all i get is a COMMENT??? HMPF!

Vish: Seriously? I didn't even know that about you! And I know a LOT! :)

unpredictable said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SS said...

Hey. I did it :)

Penguin said...

Shut up! You're bloody not HALF as bad as I am! Now the whole world knows my weirdness. I have nothing to hide behind anymore. Ayyooooo!Whyyyy on earth did I listen to you? Whyyyy?