Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New milestones - For Indian cricket and my blog :)

It's been 10 years or more since the last match i saw. Yes, i mean that thing that makes the men in our lives turn into the apes they descended from. Cricket.
(Collective sigh from women of the world? Sounds about right!)

But today. Today was the day I tore myself away from interesting company (my bestest indulgence, really!) and ran off to watch the 2nd half of a match for reasons I still cannot explain. (P: I Louuuuu you!!! Soreee for ditching and running to seee match liddat! You still come 1st! It meant nothing! I was thinking of you ALL the time! GOD, I sound like a MAN!)

But this was THE match man! And how it ended! Purrrfect for an India Pak - one of those phenomena as awaited yet thankfully a little more frequent than a solar eclipse! And wayyyy more special (Ok don't get all geeky and scientific on me here, its just an expression!) considering how we won! :D

But did you notice? Did you see after all that nail biting when they finally zoomed in on the Indian players celebrating in gay abandon? When they no longer have the expectation of a whole nation weighing them down? That's when you see it. These players, these exalted, worshipped souls who carry the burden of India's pride on their delicate shoulders are just boys.

Young boys (yeah, this happens when you turn 26, you start talking like one bleddy Aunty!) who whoop and jump in joy just like any of us normal people. The facade of being a 'cricketer' falls to reveal kids soaking up the pure joy of a win.

Rain, chocolate, music and words all fade into gray against the rich colors of their joy :) Wat a! :D

I have to confess, I might just be a closeted cricket fan after all.
Oh! And this was post 150 - a dual celebration is in order methinks! :DDDDDD


Anonymous said...

And I comment furshtu for this milestoneu. Muhuahahaha. Abhi Mogambo marginally khush hua. Full khushi aayega/gi eventually.
Eh! Wat a takkar match no? It was ultimate wat a. I jumped up from my seat when we won and made victory signs n all wildly and bloodcurlingly yelled "yeahhhhhhh yeahhhhh" with no sound of course since I was at work) so apart from looking like bloody fool, I think it was a wat a.

S said...

Yay! Congrats :)

Anonymous said...

It would have helped however, if you had given me footage for my cooking. But well, sigh. I'm in too good a mood today to sulk, which actually I'm not capable of doing even otherwise.

Yennyways, congrats!!
- L

unpredictable said...

M'bo: you are so bleddy funny woman, its amazing ur not a stand up comedian yet! Takkar match it was! :D Me still reels from the happiness! :D

S: Thankssss!! :D Hope ur cold is better :)

L: Eh your parathas were AWESOME woman! I'm inspired yet my encounters with india shaped chapattis are holding me back from jumping into your pool of talent and doing some laps myself ... and thanks!! :D

LUCKY said...

'Collective sigh from women of the world? Sounds about right!' - Couldn't disagree more.

But watttay match!