Sunday, September 16, 2007

How do i say this without being rude?

My last post invited an unnecessary comment of "It looks like puke" from - need I say it? - an anonymous blogger. I'm not sure what motivates a normal human being to spew shit like that on someone else's space and I wish I was tolerant/ calm/ unruffled enough to not react, but sorry, i'm not.

So to my anonymous friend: Like I've mentioned before, this blog is mine, and although reading it or not is definitely your prerogative, your opinion (even if its as childish as "it looks like puke") loses all credence when you hesitate to back it with your name. Combined with the nature of the comment, it makes you the lowest order of anything alive, yes? So thanks, but no thanks for dropping by, and keep your trolling comments as invisible as you keep your identity. Bugger off!

Seperately: The payasam turned out brilliantly despite no tasting through the cooking process!!! Am bringing it to work tomorrow to share with friends :) Good week everyone!


Prasad said...

Looks like food-loving Ganesha sir became cook for a day, to ensure this time the payasam would turn out just right...

Vish said...

FEDEX it!!!

Awesome it looks :)

SS said...

Good for you girl! Have a great week ahead :)

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Before you start forming opinions as to who that anonymous guy, lemme just say that it aint me!

Btw, it looks really good :D

~G :))

unpredictable said...

Prasad: Yeah he did!!! Same thing happened to the chocolte Lalitha made for him :D Tunred out fab :)

Vish: I wish i could! But im so sure ppl in office will finish it off today! :D

SS: Thanks! You too :)

G: Hello! Of course i know it wasn't you ... don't be stupid! Thanks for dropping ur name this time tho :D

Penguin said...

I'm sad that we had to go to Bombay Cafe and stuff our faces there. Instead of eating yummy payasam. :-((
Can you please make again for us, when we can eat in your house and do it justice? Pleeeeeease?

~nm said...

I don;t see any need for not being rude! The kind of comment that anon wrote didn't deserve any sweet treatment anyways!

unpredictable said...

Lal: Of course .. u dont have to orre plead and all .. gladly ill make for u all ..

NM: :) Thanks .. support is much appreciated !