Friday, September 21, 2007


Its a vent post, yes. Run away if you're looking for chirpy / bright/ humorous/ rose tinted or anything in the vicinity. Shoo!
Evening before last, Boss asked me if I was getting enough sleep . For added effect, she pointed beneath my eyes. As if it wasn't painfully obvious already. It's now official. I have dark circles. Go on, print it out, put it on air. I have dark circles.

No, my crib isn't that silly, hello! I don't particularly mind dark circles. (I've worked enough in the beauty business to know there's enough and more out there to conceal them). What I do mind is the message of exhaustion they send out about me. What I do mind is feeling a wee bit of that very exhaustion seeping in for real in the last few days.

I love my hobbies. I do. Like any other sane person i look to them for comfort when I'm on my own. But as luck would have it, my hobbies tend to exert the same tiny set of faculties - my eyes and my wrist - over and over again.

To put it mathematically:

Reading books + Reading blogs + Working on a laptop all day staring at xls sheets and the like = Visible Dark Circles = Sending out VERY wrong ideas of active nights filled with partying and sundry excitement.

Writing blogs + Working on a laptop all day + Glass painting + Painting / Sketching in general = Wrist screaming "Save me from this tyrannical monster of an owner!"

So you see, after struggling to draw all of TWO flowers on my latest project, the glass painted Geisha, and wincing in the pain of pressing down on the outline leading tube WHILE squinting to ensure the flowers don't turn into cabbages, it was BUT expected that I'd blog about how my hobbies will someday be the death of me!

Flowers, books, cards, cash and any such tokens of your sympathy / empathy / love to pull me through this tough time will be mostest welcomed :D

*Now that I read what's written above, Kavita's words ring true - I should've considered a career in spewing out hyperbole (Yes, I know there's no such thing but humor me will ya?)*


Penguin said...

You're getting this comment, and I think you should consider that itself a brilliant gesture of love. Considering I'm still wondering what the shit people were thinking of, when they came up with the idea of different timezones. Gah.
PS - I still love you.

Anonymous said...

Please. Please to pull out that t-shirt I painted for you, even *before* i knew you. It was moment of clarity. I just KNEW you are brilliant and that we would be thick someday.
(Also - if the paint is to be peeling off, tell to me plis. I is to be making yet yenather faar yew.) And Mogambo will shower you with lou, hugs and giftu when you are to be landing that lovely tush of yuvars hiyar. Oooooohhh babyyyy!

Prasad said...

"Flowers, books, cards, cash and any such tokens..." so you can "see/smell", "read", "count" them, right? Pity thy senses...

unpredictable said...

Penguin: Sweetheart you are for dropping a comment through ur angst filled day :) And may I just say, for reasons very different from yours, i DO agree that the idea of different time zones is SHIT!

M'bo: I wear ur gifted shirt once every week ma .. its suchaaa comfy tee! The print IS fading off little bit ... so i am telling .. but i still rbbr the msg on it :) Thankssss :) And palli is very very proud of how quick u r on the ooohhh babby uptake :D

Prasad: Ha! Despite all those requests i don't even have one new email in my inbox in the last 2 days .. so much for gifts eh!!! Im going to the lib tho to check tht book u recommended :)