Monday, September 17, 2007

How late is too late?

How late is too late to live your life? I don't mean wade in and out of existence. I mean LIVE. How late is too late?

How late is too late to try and connect with your parents as a friend, not as someone who occassionally asked them for a little extra money and now as someone who barely manages to pull through a single adult conversation, without squirming that you're missing that sitcom to be aired in 5 mins?

How late is too late to try and get back in touch with that friend you childishly refered to as the 'bestest friend' in your teens? After all those days of telling yourself you'll call him/ her or atleast drop a mail, and repeatedly forgetting to amidst the many deadlines you're so caught up with?

How late is too late to start out on that new hobby you've been promising to enrol for? To run the 2 miles you promised urself every weekend? To revive the sketching talent you were once known for? To go learn line dancing like you always wanted to (and darn the slacking weekends that just passed you by) but you never did?

How late is too late to start on that thing you recognize you'd be brilliant at - the dream career? Lucky as you have been to discover it, how late is it to shun the meaningless 9 to 7 existence and move on to finding fulfilment and connecting with your own innate talent?

How late is it to ..........
Make that movie you always wanted to?
Write that book?
Learn that music?
Visit that exotic country?
Catch up for a REAL conversation with your better half?
Share delicious laughter time with your child?

How late? The optimist in me would say never, but the realist in me does sometimes think ahead to the time she's 55 and not as nimble on her feet or agile with her thoughts and just KNOWS she doesn't want a SINGLE thing on her list of 'I wish I had's ..... she just knows.

Perhaps, that's why today she lives the life she failed to live even until 6 months ago. Its turning her into what she'd call 'the best version of herself ever'. And into a simply happier person. In the quest to preempt regret in the future, she's gone and found delight in the present. :-)

So, how do you live your life?

This one's inspired by this beautiful post from Mr Adrian. Read it. I promise you'll be touched like never before. :)


Anonymous said...

Optimistic and realistic Mogambo both say - never. I'll be damned but I will still take dance lessons even when I need help to walk. Hell yeah. And I'll drag your old ass with me. (Ohhh babyyy!)


(Sorry, I cheated and read before lunch.)

unpredictable said...

M'bo: U better drag my ass out even if its skydiving at 60! I'd rather die doing tht than watching Kyunki Saas ...

And sweetie, u have to say it like palli taughts me! Its Oooooh Baaabyyy! Liddat! :D

SS said...

Lovely. And very true.

Somewhat difficult to continue to live this way especially once you're married and sharing your life with someone else who has his/her own desires/life issues. And then kids ... your life ceases to become yours at some level and becomes more about catering to theirs.

This is as unfettered as you'll possibly ever feel ... cherish it :)

Vish said...

better later than never, worst is to regret afterwards. I just happen to know those rather well.

I have decided to prepare a list from the silly ones to the serious soon and start working towards it

Penguin said...

Visiting exotic country and making movie, to me, is being less time issue, and more money issue. Also, I do not want more people subjected to the torture of being around me - so you can see I am the being very kind in my thoughts.
But yes, dance lessons should be enrolled for. *Contemplative thought on face* Lemme find place...
And M'bo, you are a very quick learner and of course, yexxtremely smart, I say! You are picking up wonderful mannerisms and that also from the most wonderful of people (Unpred, that's not you)... hehehehe :-)

Koushik V S said...

Nice post! It would probably induce the brave to open up their closets and take a second look!

But most of the times, life could be like untying a sailor's knots. You don't know which one to untie first and which one to untie next. A socio-logistic problem. An exercise most people would prefer to put off, a decision that would probably remain latent forever.

In a strange way, reminds me of 'Greed'. Desire can probably be quenched only when age (time) tends to infinity.